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  1. NinjaTigerKat

    My acheivement isn't marked as complete even though it is

    FYI, It finally showed up on my Xbox Live, it only took weeks, lol. At least it is there and updating now. I am not sure if this means the issue is fixed or because I logged out and in so many times. I may have deleted my cache as well, which may have helped. Not sure, just glad it is working now. I had created a ticket with Microsoft and they may have fixed the issue. Happy Sieges!
  2. Hello, I unlocked the Catapult from the Seige Workshop which under Achievements should have been marked as completed and given me 40 Gamepoints but it is not marked as completed or rewarded the game points to me. Is there something else I need to do? The Catapult is built and at Level 1. I tried to attach a screenshot on this post to show you but I can't.
  3. NinjaTigerKat

    Where can I find out how to donate to Wonders?

    Thank you both @Ragnar Sigurdson & @Smirky. I am at Keep level 4 so I will have to Age Up to build the Embassy. I would have had no idea how to do this without our helo, lol. You are right, I may need to join a different Alliance since I just picked one at random and it isn't even for my city, not that it matters but I will look for a better one, once I level up to Age 5. You both answered my question so I appreciate the help very much. I am just now getting used to the game so I wouldn't have known how to do this. Again, thank you both! Good Luck! @NinijaTigerKat
  4. I am brand new at this game. Can you please direct me on where I can find out how to donate to Wonders for the Alliance I am in? I appreciate any and all help! Thanks
  5. NinjaTigerKat

    I am new & need help, how do I dontate to Wonders?

    Sorry please delete this. I put it in the wrong forum.
  6. Can someone post a link or reply to tell me how do I donate resources to Wonders? My alliance group said to look it up on the forum but I cannot find it. So sorry for the trouble. Any help will be appreciated.
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