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    ANNOUNCEMENT: Castle Siege Sunset & Refunds

    keep our money thieves that you are nothing else .... I am disgusted to have played
  2. UnitedFighters8


    hello dear listen I read that they want to close the game is really sad because so we all friends we lose but many like me have bought gold to get the castle now I wonder but since you want to close it will be reimbursed to all because many have bought gold already for many years and what happens that we lose all our money because we have always believed on this game we have used so many money because they knew that the castles would remain forever for personal use now everyone wonders if all those who have paid before and then if they get their money back thanks always very kind
  3. UnitedFighters8

    ANNOUNCEMENT: Castle Siege Sunset & Refunds

    hello I read that you want to close the game but people have spent money to get the castles and if you close the game you have to repay all because it is not our fault if you close but the real money we used them then where to repay all not only some if no take complaints because it is nice to take the money but then run away with the whole loot this no we do not allow so know that since you have launched the game until now you have to give back the money we have paid for the game for which it is right thing reimburse all not only the last to the wise few words or leave the game open or give back all the money back these misguides to me to all the other players do not like to know .... if you have enriched our shoulders now give back the money back to all this is not a request but an order patti clear long friendship
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