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  1. Bloodborne

    What other games are like...

    One thing you need to kniw about DomiNations is that it takes really huge amount of space #SaveAoECS
  2. Bloodborne

    Why does AoE:CS have to finish like this?

    If they do AoE:4 as perfectly as they did newest Forza Horizon, I will be more than happy, but still will feel great nostalgy towards AoE:CS, which was my favorite phone game. Wait, it counts as PC game too lol. #SaveAoECS
  3. I don't really understand shutting down a title that has been built-up since 2014 just because there is a "new title" with uncertain future. Why does AoE:CS have to be in the same grave with AoE:O? And, if MS made mistake with AoE:O, why didn't they learn from those mistakes and made almost exactly same mistake with AoE:CS? How does it come that small chinese game companies can make hundreds of exactly same rip-offs of Clash of Kings and yet, every single of those games is a great success, but one big Microsoft, with help of SGI, couldn't raise one AoE:CS to be in range of Clash of Clans (in terms of popularity, not similarity), with even higher quality gameplay and huge potential for further development? Plus, AoE:CS cannot be called rip-off of CoC, because of many different features. Why, just why do we have to meet dead end of another AoE game, despite great love it received from it's playerbase? Was it really hard to invest a bit into some real advertising of this game? Or it's not lack of popularity that will cause the end of AoE:CS? #SaveAoECS
  4. Bloodborne

    Join 20+ alliances on Discord

    I'll make sure I join, expect me, username DarkUros222 But, which alliance should I join, hmmmm? #SaveAoECS
  5. Bloodborne

    What other games are like...

    Is that the Gameloft game similar to Lords Mobile and millions of other chinese games that look absolutely same? #SaveAoECS
  6. Bloodborne

    What other games are like...

    Anyone playing Forge of Empires here? #SaveAoECS
  7. Bloodborne

    What other games are like...

    If you ask me, biggest spit on C&C franchise that just proves that nowadays, EA only cares about money #SaveAoECS
  8. Bloodborne

    So how do we confirm a refund was given?

    No, I just say that players who first give up and think it is all over, didn't like this game very much. We should wait and, as a loyal AoE:CS fanbase, try to prevent devs from shutting down this game, that's all. #SaveAoECS
  9. Bloodborne

    So how do we confirm a refund was given?

    The part when you see who is a real fan of AoE:CS and who's not #SaveAoECS
  10. Bloodborne

    It takes a village

    19yrs old, started working as freelance web developer besides still going to school, so I can earn some cash for new phone. At the end of the month, I will have enough for new phone
  11. Bloodborne

    ANNOUNCEMENT: Castle Siege Sunset & Refunds

    What I forgot to ask, what is the most exact reason why AoE:CS is coming to it's end? I think all forum members would be pleased if you just tell what was the reason that affected MS and SGI most to put another AoE game in the mud, just like AoE:O? #SaveAoECS
  12. I still don't want to even think about end of AoE:CS. I still see light at the end of the tunnel, but devs sometimes need to choose harder way, not easier, like they chose now. #SaveAoECS
  13. Bloodborne

    CS coming to an end. Was it something I said?

    The game is dead at the moment every player stops thinking about it. Until then, it is still alive #SaveAoECS
  14. Idk, about to get new phone at the end of this month that supports AoE:CS lol. #SaveAoECS
  15. Bloodborne

    It takes a village

    No problem for me, I will do whatever it takes
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