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  1. Bloodborne

    Final post from long retired player

    Nope, those times are over Finally adult, and cured my addiction
  2. Bloodborne

    Final post from long retired player

    That is mostly because of Android wave. Clash of Clans fanboys and girls (mostly kids) rushed to download AoE:CS as soon as it came out. My opinion is that is the biggest reason for much worse playerbase. I wish I could return, but...
  3. Bloodborne

    Final post from long retired player

    I retired because of technical reasons. My phone doesn't support AoE:CS.
  4. Okay, went back to check forums after one player asked me for help. So, I first wanted to check annoucements and after I did that, I noticed that...this game is very, very close to its own death. No patches, no specific words from devs. Just wanted to ask, am I correct about this?
  5. Sorry, I am King Kicho

    This is my alt.


  6. Здравей, как си  :) 

  7. Bloodborne

    Anecdote of the day

    I already have one, and I am very proud of it
  8. Bloodborne

    List of suggestions

    My suggestion is to make this game supports weaker GPUs, as I cannot play it at all due to that problem
  9. Bloodborne

    Update from Smoking Gun Interactive

  10. Bloodborne

    Update from Smoking Gun Interactive

    Wait, I didn't quite understand. Is Baroness trying to tell us that future of AoE:CS hangs on balance? Sorry if I am wrong, I haven't been on game and forums for quite some time.
  11. Bloodborne

    Idle Soldiers - The Comics

    To be continued...
  12. Bloodborne

    Castle Siege Memes

    Mine is father, that was son .
  13. Bloodborne

    Welcome to the new forums!

    Go to AoE:Castle Siege Support Forum. Btw, welcome to forums .