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  1. I can't - the big crowns just show up out of thin air for me - I'm searching for stones - yet those big 'uns find me, I'm too weak to click next
  2. Succenna

    Patch 1.15

    It is not a good strategy - a) you can easily run out of time and you can waste a lot of troops when guardhouses keep recharging with troops normal is to take out castle first with Watch signal & guardhouses on the way & then have a few left over troops to mop up that said, matchmaking is getting more horrible with each patch - 1 step forward, 2 steps back with all those updates
  3. Succenna

    State of the Game Post- Patch 1.13

    I've seen some pretty high up castles outside, on some mid-outside like 1 treb jobs
  4. Succenna

    State of the Game Post- Patch 1.13

    [MOD Edit: please don't insult other user] - top guys will keep attacking like crazy while Mid-level guys instead of getting attacked 2 times a day will now be attacked at least 3-5 times per day. Only rich will get richer with this stupid update
  5. Succenna

    State of the Game Post- Patch 1.13

    Haven't we heard this before? WHEN YOU WERE MONITORING THE AGE 5 SITUATION IN THE LEADERBOARD!!! How long were you monitoring that & how many top people had to stop playing/paying the game for you to take action? Yes sounds sweet in words but reality is a different animal
  6. Winning battles are shown with orange color (same as losing) Win 8.1 pc
  7. Win 8.1 - have to click hero skill or troop 10 *** times to fire off - hero skills especially unresponsive, selecting troop same thing randomly unresponsive It feels like all those patches come without lubrication
  8. Succenna

    ZeRo2PaNiC TEAMS!

    ​I quess ***ing sounds too much like [edited out] to the program lol, i guess they have mistakenly mixed up the two
  9. Succenna

    ZeRo2PaNiC TEAMS!

    So... what is the meaning of the alliance name?
  10. It's all good man, obviously we are both aoe addicts when we have nothing better to do than comment on profiles [lol]

    1. Dave0564


      That didn't work very well.  Note to self: RTFM.

      I saw it more as a third way to communicate.  Something obviously works - and I got a notification that you had posted on my "status".

      Thanks for listening in any case.  I am trying to go AoE-less one day each week.....  so far without success!

  11. Hi  this is Dave0564, and I have no idea how this is going to work.

    But we do appear now to have not just PM and Forum post, but a way to send something to an individual forum mate which is probably visible to all profile visitors, but isn't lit up in neon as it might be in forum.

    My thought was that we might try to use this somehow.

    You are sceptical.  Frankly, so am I.  But the idea didn't seem altogether bad.

    Let me know what this looks like from you end, and I'll see what it looks like as an outsider.

    If I'm being a real pain, just say so and I'll drop the whole thing.

    See you on the battlefield.

    1. Redliner


      Naw, keep it up. Curious to see what develops.

  12. Succenna

    Welcome to the new forums!

    Please make to color palette more reading friendly - there are old people also in the forums (like me) Light-gray text on bright white background ain't too good for my ol' eyes
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