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  1. mmali386

    the puppet apocalypse has come

    Poupp d'état...? You're emp again @DeNiSs. Let that be a warning before you try to boot a puppet again
  2. My dead carcass of an account has arisen and peeked through some threads and figured that while we can't agree on a definition on what exactly constitutes being called a revenge window and whatnot then how about figure out a way to ease the overall symptoms of why we're annoyed with this gap in not getting attacked fast enough. So with that in mind, @Baroness Von Panda would it in the realm of possibilities for the devs to attempt or even look into being able to anything about the rate at which an inactive zombie gets knocked out of matchmaking for good until they log in again. I forget off the top of my head whether that number was 60 or 90 days but if that number can get pinched down to 30 days it would eliminate much of the junk filling up matchmaking at the moment. You yourself have mentioned how the player base's behavior has shifted to mainly revenging so it wouldn't have too much of an adverse effort on finding a player to attack in matchmaking and might actually increase the chances of finding an active worthwhile player to attack through matchmaking. No clue if its a server side only change that's needed or not but if you could check if its possible with that the devs are working with at the moment (I know there's nothing in the budget for anything other than maintenance only stuff), it would be greatly appreciated … and now back to my slumber...
  3. Happy to see you mmali,  you have been missed. 😄

    1. mmali386


      Thanks. I hope all is well. :) 

    2. SeaPetals


      Yes,  I am peachy,  ☺️ see my cheeks.   Welcome home.

  4. mmali386

    Never has the game been worse

    If y'all want us to settle for the belief that its just a series of random coincidences taking place, fine. We're tin foiled hat wearing kooks. The main point we're trying to get across is we're just trying to bring to light that whatever is happening. Whatever is happening has a detrimental effect on the game by making the only possible way to find a decent target to attack through revenge which in turn blocks any remotely decent target from falling through the cracks into matchmaking all the while making the defenses of anyone remotely active a nonstop conveyor belt of revenges and makes anyone even less likely to buy and use gold to look for another target in matchmaking that will potentially revenge them.
  5. mmali386

    Never has the game been worse

    I at no point was arguing that was an intentional revenge window put in place. What I did argue is that some change to the matchmaking algorithm months ago(might have been around the time of patch 1.23 or 1.24) has altered matchmaking where players do not instantly pop into as before. As a result of that change to matchmaking and there being no change done to how soon one can be revenged has created a gap between the two that didn't exist before. East and I yesterday along with the help of some others spent a few hours testing how if anyone were able to find and at what time through matchmaking. This first defense I was found at 1 hours and 2 minutes after I log off. Subtracting the length of the attack (1 minute 45 seconds or so), it took a hair over 1 hour for someone to attack me as well as East's account (the few seconds I might have been nexted one or two times ). To make sure it wasn't a fluke, we decided to leave out a ton of resources along with our keeps and see if our results were different. This time I was attacked 1 hour and 4 minutes after logging off. Factoring in the attack length again, it comes out to be just over 1 hour again on both an active account (East's) and an account not in a league(my own) along with ours in our same power level looking for us. To add to those occurrences and how its a problem only when a full bucket hasn't been used, @Clyder84 was mentioning how his main account was vulnerable to attack because his bucket was full in a few seconds as a matter of fact and I was able to find him within my 2 nexts makes me wonder what exactly is going on. Whatever matchmaking system or algorithm is in place for people who use their full bucket isn't in place for the ones who don't use their full buckets before logging off.
  6. mmali386

    Never has the game been worse

    Conjecture without proof is all you're going to get from him.
  7. mmali386

    Never has the game been worse

    This has to be one of the most asinine things you've been contrarian about. Your denigrating comments are going to leave you with a ton of egg on your face whenever the light bulb finally clicks especially since Panda basically confirmed it earlier in the thread. One, you are still able to revenge right after someone logs off or grays out and two, matchmaking has a pool/queue system that can take time (i.e. 1 hour as is the case for age 10 keeps). So whether it was intentional or not it exists. This reminds me of trying to reason with an anti-vaxxer or climate change denier smh. You can present them with as much proof or data as possible but their rebuttal will be 'nah its not because'. How about you put in a little effort in disprove us instead of talking about of your ***...? Those guys hiding from matchmaking will only attack using revenge and/or zombies and log in once an hour to avoid being pooled into the regular matchmaking queue. You can rinse and repeat and use an autoclicker when you sleep to avoid ever going over your 8 hour bucket when you can't log in once every 59 minutes or so and recharge it as soon as you get up again by logging off and repeating as before.
  8. mmali386

    Never has the game been worse

    I'm batting .500 this month against the pu...I mean I have no idea what you've talking about
  9. mmali386

    Never has the game been worse

    Correction: After updated testing and results, East and I along with the help of a few others were able to verify that it takes exactly an hour (with a margin of error of +/- 10 seconds to be exact) to fall into regular matchmaking as an age 10. So that means the exclusive revenge window is actually 56 and a half minutes. Welp that makes it that much more worse in my opinion. R.I.P matchmaking and my condolences to the ones still trying to attack through matchmaking. This still doesn't change the fact whether it was unintended or intentional there is in fact an exclusive revenge window that negatively affects matchmaking and overly favors those only revenging. On a completely unrelated note, East is by far the smartest person I know and I've learned so much from him. No I'm not under the influence of any hard drug and I'm not being coerced in any way...
  10. mmali386

    Never has the game been worse

    Correlation does not imply causation. I didn't pull those numbers out of nowhere.
  11. mmali386

    Never has the game been worse

    This pretty much cements the fact that the 'revenge window' was an unintended consequence of the devs changing how long someone falls into matchmaking after they log off or gray out. It used to take 3 and a half minutes after logging off or the game graying out for lack of activity to be vulnerable to revenge and fall into matchmaking. Devs lengthening the time to fall into matchmaking from 3 and a half minutes to 30 minutes without also changing the time until you're vulnerable to revenge made the gap between that 3 and a half minutes and 30 minutes an unintended revenge window of 26 and a half minutes. A couple disclaimers about the times used are the lower the age your castle is, the longer it will take for you to fall into matchmaking (that hasn't changed recently but the fact that the highest aged keeps not falling in immediately after the graying out/logoff period has changed) and when using up all your bucket regardless of age, you will fall into matchmaking like before as well. TL;DR: Devs don goofed. The revenge window for highest ages exists now on accident... something something butterfly effect something
  12. mmali386


  13. No they are not boosted by Conrad. While you might unlock and upgrade grenadiers in the siege workshop, they are not a siege weapon and in fact are another type of foot soldier. So any hero that boosts other foot soldiers (i. e. pikemen/halberdiers, champions, red raiders, laddermen, green bowmen, crossbowmen/arquebusers, longbowmen, teutonic knights, and cheirosiphons) will also boost grenadiers. Those heroes that boost foot soldiers are Richard and Hermann which is part of the reason they're so commonly used together in later ages (the only foot soldiers that Sviatoslav boosts are red raiders). Hope that helps and answers your question. Welcome to the forums
  14. The thread is hidden now but I'm guessing the perks of the gig for you is you can do some extra snooping in some hidden threads the rest of us can't see... Look for a hidden post made by Phasma from about let's say ballpark Spring 2017 for it.
  15. It's one big face palm when they said it was ok. As I remember the only way you could legally override and not 'subvert the idle time window' was only thru direct player interaction with the game. Anytime else whether it be real or virtual that acted as a middle man would be considered off limits. Or else I would have used this guy... Pretty sure East was hired on by SGI after the pause in development to drive up page views in the forums