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  1. mmali386

    Free East Puppet...

  2. mmali386

    the puppet apocalypse has come

    Poupp d'état...? You're emp again @DeNiSs. Let that be a warning before you try to boot a puppet again
  3. My dead carcass of an account has arisen and peeked through some threads and figured that while we can't agree on a definition on what exactly constitutes being called a revenge window and whatnot then how about figure out a way to ease the overall symptoms of why we're annoyed with this gap in not getting attacked fast enough. So with that in mind, @Baroness Von Panda would it in the realm of possibilities for the devs to attempt or even look into being able to anything about the rate at which an inactive zombie gets knocked out of matchmaking for good until they log in again. I forget off the top of my head whether that number was 60 or 90 days but if that number can get pinched down to 30 days it would eliminate much of the junk filling up matchmaking at the moment. You yourself have mentioned how the player base's behavior has shifted to mainly revenging so it wouldn't have too much of an adverse effort on finding a player to attack in matchmaking and might actually increase the chances of finding an active worthwhile player to attack through matchmaking. No clue if its a server side only change that's needed or not but if you could check if its possible with that the devs are working with at the moment (I know there's nothing in the budget for anything other than maintenance only stuff), it would be greatly appreciated … and now back to my slumber...
  4. Happy to see you mmali,  you have been missed. 😄

    1. mmali386


      Thanks. I hope all is well. :) 

    2. SeaPetals


      Yes,  I am peachy,  ☺️ see my cheeks.   Welcome home.

  5. The last name they used was @Raider of Erkisiya
  6. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Mali!  Best wishes in the coming year!



    1. mmali386


      Thanks Angie! Hope you had a great Christmas as well and a safe and fun New Years! :D 

  7. appreciate the input regarding layout, towers, approaches, but I was trying to protect my WS...sometimes the more I go along, the more confused I get. I need to upgrade the walls, but trying to upgrade towers first, emplacements, army camps, but will hopefully get there. 

    1. mmali386


      No problem :).

      Its so aggravating trying to find a decent spot to put a WS. On one hand you want to make sure its properly protected and on the other hand you want to daggle it in a place where you most commonly get attacked in and make the attacker think they can get to it before it deploys troops but can't because its booby trapped.

      Be careful about upgrading your walls first. Its a quick and sneaky way of bumping up your power level too high and too fast than what you might want. I would upgrade in this order(troops in your attack army, towers, then walls) to make sure each age and the castles you see aren't too overwhelming to attack.

    2. 4tdune48210


      thx-yeah, I did everything backwards w/ CastleDune, but I have a clone/puppet, that I'm learning on, & it's doing a lot better, different civ, I am hoping it will improve my game overall, as well, meanwhile, I'm upgrading my towers, cats, army, upleveling, THEN walls, there's been a few 10's come after me, but sometimes, my defense comes thru-at least there's a limit on resources that can be looted-I'm learning to relax, it's a game, have fun, play when I can. It's all good. 

  8. mmali386

    Big Forums Changes Next Week!

    I was bored and snooped to see if anyone had scooped up and found this..... Hmmmmmmm.... might be a placeholder name after all .
  9. mmali386

    Big Forums Changes Next Week!

    Yep plus it'll let each community better take advantage of some of the new(and old) forum features that were rolled out by the forum software creators Invision Power and keeps Castle Siege from monopolizing all of the attention. All Activity page is basically constantly being drowned out by Castle Siege posts so in separate forums, legacy games will get better help and make all those games easier to monitor over. My one complaint is why ya'll couldn't have picked a better URL for the new forums than Feels too generic and small time with game tacked on the end. has a better ring to it but oh well the new URL is already paid for and we're stuck with it. ....On second thought, I have another complaint. This adds another stop for me whenever I want to nag for AoE 4 or AoM 2 . I'm still waiting .
  10. Sorry lol, but you need to lower the minimum crowns to join to at least 100! this alt is quite new....but has a 100% win

    1. Andy P

      Andy P

      How fun is this!

  11. Hey Mmali, can my alt ever visit your alliance? a day? lol

  12. mmali386

    Changes on the Age Community Team

    Ooooooo before we all forget, we're gonna need you to pick a color and only write in it from now on (green and red are taken so I might recommend orange or teal to match your profile pic )
  13. mmali386

    Changes on the Age Community Team

    I think we just found our newest person to nag .... I mean welcome and good luck @jennywaboom .
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