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  1. RuffRotations

    The Highest I Can Go...

    Good to hear that. Let's see where the next round will take place.
  2. RuffRotations

    The Highest I Can Go...

    Weren't there 4 of us? Sibuk, it was my pleasure to get to know you as a good friend and a *** of a sieger. I'm almost a little sad, that our paths crossed only now. At least they did. Hope you don't retire now. In the words of @blinsas: Siege on!
  3. RuffRotations

    This Blows!

    Panda ist on vacation and the janitor don't know about this weirdo stuff.
  4. RuffRotations

    Conrad going out of fashion?

    What's your Crown Count? 37?
  5. RuffRotations

    Happy Birthday to this old game Legend...

    Again: Free EastPuppetier!
  6. RuffRotations

    Happy Birthday to this old game Legend...

    Well said Mike, Free EastPuppetier! Happy Birthday to the worlds second best combine driver! Open one for me too!
  7. RuffRotations

    Battle Chest - Regal Statues

    Whaaaat? Where the *** is my regal bear!!!! Give me yours if you don't mind!
  8. Ruff, 

    I just wanted to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year! So glad that you came to Old Knights! It has been wonderful getting to know you!



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