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    I never claimed to be one. American English, some French, oh and Pig Latin... that's about all I got

    OMG this thread suddenly makes me DEEPLY appreciate the fact that 99% of posts are in English. Or this would be me trying to navigate the forum:

    He was probably the one pouring the whiskey lolol
  4. Plans for new units?

    Hey Dude... the subject has been brought up a handful of times, I agree that it would probably be far more beneficial to everyone involved if they took what they learned over the past few years with this and applied that knowledge to something NEW. Probably easier as well, who knows what demons might be unleashed by tinkering around here and opening doors that were best left closed. There has been no response, positive or negative, from anyone official in regards to a sequel. Lol you're way off... that image gives the distinct impression that someone is ACTIVELY doing something about it. I think THIS is more along the lines of their long term solution:
  5. players

    Ya know... we're not supposed to advertise cheating on here and such, and I know people like to say that "Oh they could be doing ALL SORTS of things online"... but when it's a habit of staying online for hours on end with nothing to show for it, day after day, I think it's safe to call a spade a spade there.
  6. Music.........New & Old.......Part 2 :-)

    @SeaPetals... Cyndi Lauper is one of my guilty pleasures to listen to. I had a total crush on her back in the 80's when I was a kid lmao! Ok... now I do NOT consider Simon & Garfunkel to be something I generally listen to. But every time I hear this song come on, I stop whatever I'm doing and just listen...

    Shoot, I arrived WAY late to this party... looks like just in time to help clean up Hope the Storm was a good one. Tea with rum... sounds like a drink to watch a good storm with. Never tried it, now I have to (not now too early in the morning lol) LMAO.... yes we do.... just not about game related stuff lol We reserve the right to be just as incorrect in our facts as the rest of you all Ok... I think I replied to everything in the thread worth replying to lol
  8. Salaam(salute) to real Salah-ud-din

    The game may do none of the heroes TRUE justice with their descriptions or their abilities, but then again it is just a game so I wouldn't necessarily expect that. What AOE:CS does offer however, is an excellent educational starting point by offering just enough information and insight into the characters... so that if one is playing and is curious to learn more about them in the game (one can even go so far as to include the Cultural Units in this as well) then even the most cursory of searches (most likely while waiting for your army to train lol) will open up worlds of knowledge that one may never have explored if not for the game.

    LMAO!!! Could be worse... I got Warty McFeverish Sounds like I caught a case of the Black Plague
  10. Have a great day everyone!!!! And drink RESPONSIBLY!!!! (At least if you're driving... if not, then go for broke lol)
  11. Music.........New & Old.......Part 2 :-)

    Wow.... Just WOW I am quite honestly speechless here. AMAZING! Started off as something that was going good with my coffee and morning cigar and by the end the song was buried deep in my soul. One of the best songs I've ever heard, I cannot thank you enough for sharing that! Btw:I have a niece by that name, I'll be sure to pass it along to her lol
  12. Lol of course I haven't forgotten that Two years is just a ball park guess on my part. Maybe I'm off by a couple months. The only point I'm trying to make is that there are various reasons why one does not need an Xbox acct to play this MS game... Originally you HAD to have one because it was only available on Windows devices. It was a marketing strategy that flopped.
  13. What is your top donator?

    All great stats, you're all awesomely selfless selfless people!!! Real shame that these stats do not follow us when we go out and visit and such. I feel that some of the best donators will never get recognized due to that fact. Not that they do it for the recognition though. @medianrope... 103 a day average... Wow!!! Hot dam!
  14. Quotes You Love

    In memory of the late Mr. Steven Hawking... who just passed away. Here's to you, and finally knowing the answer to lives greatest mystery. I know he never believed in God or the afterlife, and I personally find that disheartening... to think there is NOTHING after this short trip we call life. But he did believe in the fact that nobody can be perfect and we all make mistakes.
  15. Dude, you been here over 2 years and are JUST figuring that out now??? Sorry... can't help it dude... or dudette. (I'm all for equal opportunity laughter at someone's expense)