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  1. revenge

    I wish they would make it so you couldn't see how many crowns were up for grabs when looking for a castle to attack in MM. Put the focus of the battle on the castle itself, or even the resources available.
  2. revenge

    Yes, we are all well aware that nothing TRULY new has shown up in quite a long time in this game. Nor do we have any reason to believe that anything awe inspiring WILL eventually show up. Odds are slim-to-none. I'm just as tired of conram thread after conram thread as well... but I thought that the first page of THIS thread was a pretty fresh take on the old problem. I don't doubt that Panda relays all of our feedback to the powers that be. Are they gonna use what they receive to adjust/fix/improve this game? Highly improbable. BUT... what feedback they receive will most likely be used to develop other games in the future. I for one believe that Castle Siege has overwhelmingly shown itself to be successful enough to warrant something like a sequel. I still have a difficult time believing that MS is paying for two separate AoE forums to coexist just for the sake of giving the new folks a fresh playground... especially since I've yet to see anyone speak about their preference of the functionality of the other forum over this one here. I haven't been an AoE fan for years like many others, my first experience with the franchise has been Castle Siege here, but I cannot help but notice the definite trend they have of producing sequels and rereleases with EVERY title produced thus far... each one taking what was in the prior version and improving upon it with the next. Call me an optimistic fool... but I would be somewhat surprised if they diverted from that strategy here.
  3. CS Hero Sightings

    Since there appears to have been massive budget cutbacks in Castle Siege, Saladin appears to be working some side gigs...
  4. I've used him a total of 5 out of the last 40... and 2 of them only bc they were other member retries. Using him is no fun and boring as heck, so I don't bother unless I get a red chest Makes me think of those guys who go out on an African Safari and pay big money so they can shoot a Rhino in a cage and call it "sport"
  5. Music.........New & Old.......Part 2 :-)

    I MUCH prefer the original versions lol Can't really get into those... they make good songs sound like country and omg no, that don't fly with me lolol
  6. More often than not I throw a few champs and KTs in front as decoy admittedly, though once in a while I will actually use Eddie on towers instead of the Keep and Beli just saves me wasting treb time on wall breaching.
  7. revenge

    Not having a particular hero unlocked doesn't mean you can't use them in a retry battle though, right?
  8. revenge

    I don't disagree that there is merit to the idea at all. DEFINITELY an idea that is well worth talking over What concerns me about it is that I would hate to see this be inserted and then Revenge reverts back to nothing but a complaint issue again because it became too hard for most players. Would this idea also involve using the same army build as the original, or just the heroes have to remain the same? If a revenge player is able to at least choose their accompanying army, then I don't think it would be TOO unfair and impossible for most to attempt a revenge at least SOME of the time. Might encourage them to be more open to hero usage... We might even see defensive wins for those on the leaderboard again since people will take giant stupid risks just for a CHANCE at their crowns lol.
  9. revenge

    Hi @adam j Welcome to the forum! Personally, I like revenge just the way it is currently. Best it's ever been in my opinion. Idk about MAKING them use the same heroes though, they'd be attacking a completely different castle than the one you got to choose to attack with the setup you had. That puts them at a pretty big disadvantage...
  10. Let's play a game

    no fair.... you got like 50 accounts lol
  11. Let's play a game

    16 is pretty darn good... congrats! I have 33 in my log at this moment
  12. Very true... the game has to be fun above all else. But... playing manager adds an entire layer of depth to the game that some people find more enticing than the actual game itself. I've always associated being an Emp as being a player in the AoE Game of Thrones lol.
  13. Music.........New & Old.......Part 2 :-)

    Every once in a while I get in the mood to listen to these guys. I can't really fit them into a definable genre... Bluegrass I guess comes as close as anything These 2 songs got pretty dark and twisted endings...
  14. I was just gonna say a simple "Hear hear..." to angels post, but now that would look pathetic after yours. Extra credit for this part, because it is absolute truth! @CHQ Admin (aka Dicegods) @Drustanus27 @AbstruseZulu