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  1. Chuggles22

    How long are you playing ?

    Been in the game since it was released in September 2014 (ok a couple weeks after release but what's the difference) My highest crown count was just over 10,000, it was good enough to earn me 9th place overall at the time, but I consider my greatest achievement in the game to be rebuilding my alliance from scratch after the prior Emperor went rogue and kicked everyone out (Suck it Cal...) By far my favorite thing about the game has been in meeting all of the interesting people from all over. Sharing funny jokes, trading a few punches back and forth, and lots of hanging out BSing about everything and nothing.
  2. Chuggles22

    FIFA World Cup

    I like soccer, mostly playing not really watching, but I gotta say that this is probably what most Americans associate with the sport...
  3. Chuggles22


    @GhengisKhan1981, this is right in your wheelhouse
  4. Chuggles22


    Images from todays hike, My buddy and I took a detour off the trail to go check out a B25 bomber that crashed in 1948. Below is the description of events that I was able to find about the crash. This B-25 Mitchell Bomber in the drainage of Friday and Balsam Cap mountains crashed on the evening of March 31st, 1948. Its USAAF tail number is 44-29215. It rolled off the assembly line on September 9th, 1944 and saw action over France during WWII before coming back as a trainer. It was flying just such a training mission in 1948 when navigation errors led the crew to believe they were flying over Newburgh preparing to let down at Stewart Airfield, when in fact they had been over Kingston and were headed straight towards Friday mountain (3694'), impacting at 2,700 feet elevation and bursting into flames. The pilot was Captain Richard B. Willis. Two other crew members were aboard and all perished. May those brave men rest in peace.. The American Star decal is still barely visible on the side View from above Part of the ***pit One of two engines at the scene The pic below is more akin to what the rest of the hike looked like
  5. Chuggles22

    Cool Historical Shi... er... "Stuff"

    Ok, this isn't "Historical"... but it is most DEFINITELY cool! I've read before about the reintroduction of wolves to Yellowstone Park and about how Trophic Cascades work, but the way this video puts the science together makes it all sound soooooo simple
  6. Chuggles22


  7. Remember the "Race to Age 6" game? That's the other account, Chugg Lite. It should still be in the alliance unless it got kicked out for inactivity or whatever.
  8. Hiya man. Hope all's going well for ya. If I had a worthwhile account to keep over there, I would. But I only just dusted off my main the other day and haven't even looked at the other 2 yet.
  9. Chuggles22

    Lets do a Wacky

    You had to pounce on the insulting synonyms lol. Random, Impulsive, Capricious, Variable.... there are many other synonyms to the word "Fickle" than just the ones you chose to focus on Wulfie. Most words have more than a single meaning and the context that they are used in makes ALL the difference in the world in their implication. If you feel I actually meant anything demeaning, well that is absolutely NOT true. The context of my post was perfectly clear from my perspective, but if it insulted you then it must not have been and for that I am truly sorry.
  10. I wouldn't have doubted that a year ago, but odds are ppl just don't bother to come here looking for answers now. We chased them all away with our snarky attitudes lol
  11. Chuggles22

    I can remember at 1 time

    And I seem to have misplaced my banhammer during my absence lol...
  12. Chuggles22


  13. Chuggles22

    Lets do a Wacky

    That's a pretty funny pic @LunarMojo, but the thing that draws my attention is the fact that the artist put a na'zi type arm band on him with the swastika switched out for a "T" I would lmao that pic all day long if it weren't for that
  14. Thanks Wulfie I had a great day with the kids, it always seems to generally wind up being more of a holiday for them than for me lol