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  1. Chuggles22

    So long and thanks for all the fish

    Dang, I was planning to change my location to what you named your topic before the end but you beat me to it and now it would look utterly ridiculous if I did. Thanks mate lol. Adios and best wishes
  2. Chuggles22

    A Thank You From SGI

    @NotAnonymous…. I see you lurking here lol You've been here a long time and never said a peep... care to have your say on the End of Days?
  3. Cheers to you all and a toast to better things to come. Cheers to your healths Cheers to your happiness Cheers to all your friends and families, both here and in the real world.
  4. Chuggles22

    The End.

    After 4 years of heaven and he.ll.... but we still got 6 months in the game. The end is never really the end, it's just the beginning to something else
  5. Chuggles22

    Thanks to Andy The VCM.

    If you're not already doing it... then you're good. I already caused all whatever mischief I intended
  6. Chuggles22

    Thanks to Andy The VCM.

    I actually expect to get into trouble today Three cheers for @Andy P! Honestly though, I was 100% expecting him to be spamming the forum with posts all this week to get his "High Priest of Wololo" rank!
  7. Chuggles22

    Festival Tree

    Talk to @Plus2Joe... I think he was the one who probably stashed the leftovers away in a moldy corner of the MS basement
  8. Ok, so 6 months is not EXACTLY last minute... But for all intentions and purposes I think we all know that when they close the forum here next month that's pretty much it. So what I want to know is what kind of unfinished business does anyone have here that they hope to accomplish before @Baroness Von Panda (lol) takes the servers out back by the dumpster and smash them? After 4 years and never turning Tribute, I'm only 14 defensive wins away from completing the Castle Defender objective... I think I have a good sporting chance lol.
  9. Chuggles22

    Last Minute Game Objectives

    Lmao @PleasedClown463... I did log in on occasion (I think) just for that reason! Though I did make sure to donate troops as well on those rare days I took would love to see PM make a last ditch resurgence at #1. There have been many great alliance, but I can think of no other that should hold that place at the End of Days (besides Immortal Kings obviously )
  10. Chuggles22

    Age XI

    Haha!! I ought to put my CS shirt in an airlock to bank for retirement
  11. I agree with everything above except about Castle Siege being a forgettable title in the AOE universe. It was its first attempt at reaching out to a mobile platform, and that alone will make it stand out. Not only from a gaming expansion standpoint, but also (and mostly) as a learning curve for whatever follows. Kudos to all you did for us Dariakus. A true players Dev. I suspect a lot of us knew that the best days were officially behind us when you moved on to greener pastures.
  12. THUNDERDOME!!!! Five Mods enter, only one may leave! ⚔⚔⚔
  13. I hope they kill us with some dramatic flair at least, none of that sissy lethal injection bs C'mon... Can you possibly pull a rabbit out of the hat and talk them into letting us at least have Christmas?
  14. Chuggles22


    Nope... Just the game lol. After they started rewarding so much gold for everything, I suspect it's a matter is Sooner rather than Later.
  15. Chuggles22

    New World Record ! Congratulations !!!

    Cool, congratulations them. I'm impressed to see there are still people who care enough about the game to compete on that kind of leve.l
  16. Chuggles22

    Music.........New & Old.......Part 2 :-)

    Feel free to skip the first minute and a half intro (though it looks like it was one helluva kicka** concert!)
  17. Chuggles22

    AOE HD 2, bottom not rendering

    I don't know how to resolve your issue, but here is a link to the new AOE 2 forum. Hope this helps...
  18. Chuggles22

    Sooooo! 4th year Anniversary is coming!

    Peeling his own carrots, like usual
  19. Chuggles22

    Sooooo! 4th year Anniversary is coming!

    Anyone else... and I do mean ANYONE... I would call out as a liar on this. But I believe it's absolutely possible in your case lol.
  20. Chuggles22

    Sooooo! 4th year Anniversary is coming!

    I can't wait to see what's in store for us with the next Server Maintenance I pray it's on a Friday just as League is ending. THAT would make this place just a tad bit exciting
  21. Chuggles22


  22. Ugh... My hands are sticky from cleaning all that FILTH! Would've been soooo much easier to blow UP the entire thread, but the actual topic seemed to be a legit issue. So... I hope we can now be finished with the teenage shenanigans? I will NOT clean it a second time (ewww)
  23. Chuggles22

    Post Funny Videos :3

    This guy has some pretty funny stuff
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