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  1. BlacklowenXXI


    is very funny be more amazing some latin people don't see that this is an english forum!
  2. BlacklowenXXI

    ANNOUNCEMENT: Castle Siege Sunset & Refunds

    I only use the gold on battles and to buy all civ statues and two flags on my main account, I never use that gold to advance buildings
  3. BlacklowenXXI

    Castle Siege removed from app stores? not all stores removed this game, here is yet available
  4. BlacklowenXXI

    What other games are like...

    BlueStacks analize your hardware and build a virtual phone that share almost the same hardware of your device where install your BlueStacks app, if your device can't open BlueStacks then your system doesn't have the minimum requierements to run the app I have BlueStacks too in a Windows 10 of 64 bits and run witouth problems
  5. BlacklowenXXI

    Last Minute Game Objectives

    oh ***! I was thinking the same, dude thanks for that info, but that makes me more sad about the end of all AOECS
  6. I think that your castle is too hard to beat for newbies players and trolls
  7. BlacklowenXXI

    Reserve force it’s not working properly

    I've 3 accounts, using reserve force never happened to me... always that power gives me 6 slots of troops that grants me 2 star victory, 60% victory with 2 stars, 100% victory or sometimes the troops that I was waiting to give 1 star victory
  8. BlacklowenXXI

    How can a single wall piece become a gate?

    Three years ago, using one piece of wall and two roads were all you need to build a one piece door but some patches later close that funtion forever... now if you want a door you need a tower or another wall piece and two roads (or just move the keep) to build a door
  9. the revenge system works by this way: every time you got attacked by someone you can revenge one time for all attacks that he/she does. Now if you revenge before got attacke again then you can revenge again, so if you revenge before he/she does 2 or more attacks then you only can revenge one time for all attacks received. I think that this revenge system needs a new fix
  10. BlacklowenXXI

    we couldn't sign in

    this post must be send to support, please report there your problem to sign in
  11. BlacklowenXXI

    new TerrorDome LAYOUT TUTORIAL

    not by the moment, there are some videos that I want to upload again and more designs that I tested and confirm their effectivity, for now enjoy what I've post
  12. BlacklowenXXI

    new TerrorDome LAYOUT TUTORIAL

    there are a many layouts posted in my Youtube channel, just search by my name blacklowenxxi, you'll enjoy learning to build many types of terrordome layouts, a thing... my channel in youtube is exclusively in spanish, sorry for that but i'm latin player who wants to help my latin people... if you want to see new layouts the you're very wellcome, no problem if many players want to learn my secrets to build layouts anticonrad
  13. BlacklowenXXI

    new alliance

    wellcome my friend, so do you want to create your own home? is the hardest adventure to the date gather good players and keep them with you, is the first thing to do search new players in alliances where there are a emperor zombie. After to do this you can create your own alliance and the players will arrive by the time create your own alliance by choosing a name, your emblem, a short description, type of alliance, the region where your alliance belong and the crowns needed to be member of your alliance
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