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  1. Smashing Gnat

    FIFA World Cup

    We need a penalty shootout for #1 on the leader board. Line up your trebs!
  2. Smashing Gnat

    Conrad not working

    Top right of your screen is a magnifying glass, click on it and use the search. Don't search for Conrad though, he's in every post.
  3. Smashing Gnat

    Conrad not working

    Hi RustyBlade, you do have a valid point, but a lot of people on this forum hate Conrad and rams. Also we've heard the same argument from others many times before. So, you were always likely to take some stick, especially when you opened with the 'Cheat' accusation. My opinion is that it is so easy to counter a Terrordome that it's not worth the devs fixing. If I could give you some advice, it would be to try to learn how to use trebs and sweep them through defences as you have seen others do. It's much more rewarding than ramrushing. Happy sieging, maybe I'll see you on the battlefield.
  4. Smashing Gnat

    Conrad not working

    I like you RustyBlade. I think you've made some astute observations. Come back soon.
  5. Smashing Gnat

    Qestion to the old timers

    I'm on a steady wind down. I like defending more than attacking these day. Still got stuff to build on my alts but I doubt I'll finish.
  6. Smashing Gnat

    I am clueless

    A maths joke, brilliant! Here's mine: There are 10 types of people that understand Binary, those that do, and those that don't.
  7. Smashing Gnat

    I am clueless

    East and I were just having the same conversation, almost word for word. What are the chances of that?!
  8. Smashing Gnat

    Connection Problems

    I'm having drama too. I'm going to hold my breath until someone fixes this.
  9. Smashing Gnat

    In need of a Terrordome design?

    Haha I am already a student of the Terrordome one day I hope to become a master.
  10. Smashing Gnat

    In need of a Terrordome design?

    Bueuk your layouts are a real treat.
  11. Smashing Gnat

    Old Knights Alliance Chat

    We have an all inclusive alliance. Puppets need fulfilment and enrichment too.
  12. I feel I should update: SmashingGnat8 Still no Alt. England Grim Reapers, then PM, then GoP, now Old Knights.
  13. Smashing Gnat

    Imposter Empress

    I was there. It happened. I am happy to testify for the prosecution, but want protection for my keep.
  14. Smashing Gnat

    Imposter Empress

    This player visited PM. It was a poor impersonation. There can only ever be one Empress!
  15. Smashing Gnat

    Alliance of the Day- Phantom Time

    Can we get a 'not like' button?