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  1. Bueuk

    Some amazing castles

    I can't disagree with the efficiency of road pieces from basic TDome.
  2. Bueuk

    The Highest I Can Go...

    Keep that bravery lit, mudbuddha
  3. Bueuk

    The Highest I Can Go...

    No way, I forgot to screenshot that moment! I'll ask Sanja about it. She has plenty, I guess. I left an invitation before leaving. East also there. I reconsider my retirement anyway. We can still make some trouble till sunset It's nice to know you too, Ruff. I pumped up after watching all of you on Top 50 LB.
  4. Bueuk

    The Highest I Can Go...

    You too, Clyde. I can't make it happen without you, @RuffRotations, and @dymon. Should I post the Choo-choo trio too?
  5. ...With only using odd combo, odd troops, Charlemagne and Rurik, and only using Conrad once and Martel twice.
  6. Seems like we have similar set of playlist, if you listen to either Epica or Dream Theater as well, then listen to them anytime is more than enough. Just live well, man. There maybe hurdles ahead of you, such as Guards from Patrol Points, Braced Walls, Defensive Towers, Emplacements, Soldiers from Guard Houses. And yeah, don't forget to lure engineers with a ram or two.
  7. Bueuk

    Castle Siege Memes

    Thanks for the game, Microsoft and SGI. It is sad to hear that you'd close the curtain.
  8. Bueuk

    Castle Siege Memes

    it's been a while....
  9. Bueuk

    new TerrorDome LAYOUT TUTORIAL

    Find Player: Sibueuk89 I just return from hiatus, so some of the replay still fresh.
  10. Bueuk

    new TerrorDome LAYOUT TUTORIAL

    My Charlemagne ❤ed that layout
  11. Bueuk


    That's it? I'll just play casually then.
  12. My castle is so dusty My battle gone messy Mom's spaghetti Anything new when I'm gone?
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