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  1. Benur21

    AoE CS: please increase work slots

    The suggestion I gave on the game shutdown post was that, close to the shutdown, let everyone buy gold at will for free (use the grayed slots). Players can then use it to upgrade quickly, etc. and enjoy the rest of the game content.
  2. Hey. What if, somewhere near the End, you enable gold to be "purchased" freely? Then everyone will be able to enjoy what the game has good, try the latest eras, upgrade everything, make attacks with everything upgraded, etc.
  3. Benur21

    Messages in announcements disappearing

    No I don't have too many. It was just 2 messages plus 1 message from the wonder. And I suspect this is caused by a bug, because, as I explained above, I only had 1 Lord when this started happening, plus me as Emperor, and now this happened again and that lord is inactive for 54+ days so it couldn't be him again. I am not either.
  4. Benur21

    Messages in announcements disappearing

    Is there any timeout in the messages? So they delete themselves after some time?
  5. This has already happened several times. I am the emperor on Portugal alliance, and I've written 2 messages on Announcements tab like 70 days ago (for the Nth time). The messages were still there until very recently, today I noticed that they had disappeared again!! The first times it happened, there was only me (Emperor) and a Lord in the alliance. But that Lord is right now inactive for 54 days, so it could be him deleting the messages. I was not as well, of course. Maybe it's because the messages on announcements have some timeout? I also noticed that a Wonder search message didn't disappear. Is it possible for @Baroness Von Panda or anyone with privileges to check who/what deleted the messages from Announcements recently? Thank you. My In Game Name: Benur21 Alliance: Portugal
  6. Benur21

    Change emperor who hasn't logged for 515 days

    Include the new emperor gamertag as well? Also, as the post says, you should message @Baroness Von Panda privately with these data, not post them publicly.
  7. Characters many times take like 1 second to update in the screen. Happens both on W10 and Android game versions, but it is most annoying on mobile because its keyboard is slow with AoE:CS. The problem here is that the game is very slow on dealing with keyboard input. When will we have a fix on that?
  8. Benur21

    Patch 1.23.1 for Android (Limited Release)

    New Job: Tree Cutter
  9. Benur21

    Looking for Wonder Donations help

    Hello. My alliance has 14/50 players at this moment and the 3 wonders are built, but only the first level. We need help with Kizhi Pogost wonder, at least for now, where it needs donations of 275.000 stone and win starts in battles. We are a portuguese alliance but I am sure that Lords can speak english Anyway I play everyday and I am aware of the chat. Alliance name: Portugal (searching for my gamertag is much better); My Gamertag: Benur21 Thank you !
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