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  1. Hello Siegers! iOS users who have already installed Castle Siege may have issues downloading the latest version of the app. Follow the instructions below to do so: Delete the older version currently installed on your iOS device. Launch the App Store. Tap the profile icon in the top right on the App Store, and then select “Purchased”. Locate Age of Empires: Castle Siege in the list and tap the cloud icon to download the latest version.
  2. Hey Siegers! It’s the sad duty of us here at Microsoft Studios to announce the decision to begin the process of sunsetting Age of Empires: Castle Siege, to ultimately close the game on May 13, 2019. Though we’re saddened to be ending this chapter of the Age of Empires franchise, we look back with immense gratitude for the support, patience, and passion of our community over the years. What does this mean? From May 13, 2019 Age of Empires: Castle Siege matchmaking services will cease, which means the game will no longer be playable. Until then, you can continue to play Castle Siege as normal. As of now, Gold will no longer be purchasable. You will be able to continue earning your daily free Gold from trade routes until closure. In addition, we are refunding all purchases of in-game Gold from the past 6 months, beginning with purchases made on May 8, 2018. Players will be able to spend what Gold they have until matchmaking ceases on May 13, 2019. These forums will remain open until Dec 13, 2018, after which they will be archived. We encourage all our forums users to join further conversations about the Age of Empires franchise on the official Age forum at More information is available on the Xbox Support Page for Castle Siege. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for playing with us!
  3. Plus2Joe

    Big Forums Changes Next Week!

    Update: Obviously we haven't migrated everything yet, though some of you have noticed that we're now successfully redirecting to The legacy forums will remain operational until the migration is complete.
  4. Plus2Joe

    Big Forums Changes Next Week!

    No plans have been announced regarding this, and I don't have any more information, sorry. I love and fully support fan projects. However, if a third party were to violate Microsoft's IP rights, and Microsoft found out about it, we would probably be forced to defend that IP and that would be the end of that project. All this is to say, if someone DID actually have a viable and publicly available build of a game that we owned but no longer supported, that someone would be wise to keep mentions of said project to other areas of the web than the official MS forums, so MS could continue to maintain plausible deniability and not have to take action to shut down what otherwise would probably be a very cool thing for the community to have.
  5. An announcement affecting the forums platform has been made over in the Forum Announcements section. Please read the above post to leave feedback.
  6. Plus2Joe

    Big Forums Changes Next Week!

    Hey Everyone! Some big changes are coming to the forums, and I'm really excited to finally share them with you! Long story short, we're splitting the Castle Siege and Age Legacy forums into two separate platforms; the Castle Siege forums will stay on the current platform, and a new forum is being created for the Legacy side. This will happen on Tuesday, 5/23. UPDATE: Redirect is now complete to, but we have yet to migrate the legacy forums. Updates as appropriate; legacy forums will remain operational here until the new platform is ready! UPDATE 2: This is scheduled for completion on Tuesday, 5/30. We're doing this because we've noticed through the years that the Castle Siege and Legacy communities have different needs, and the Castle Siege activity is the overwhelming majority on this site. We want to be able to serve the Legacy community just as well as the Castle Siege one, so we're building a forum where that community can reside and get better support from within. More details: All current forum members will automatically have accounts in the new forum, so you can log in to the new forum with the same credentials! Your post history and reputation will remain intact here, but won't be transferred over to the new forum. The current Legacy forums will be locked, and new ones will be activated on the new platform. Something that WILL change is the URL of this platform. These forums will become the official Castle Siege forums at, along with the game page for Castle Siege. will be the home for the new platform, focused on legacy titles. Your friendly staff will still be around, so we welcome any feedback!
  7. Plus2Joe

    Changes on the Age Community Team

    I never put this together! And, like... is Jesse Stacy's dad? Did Jesse just walk out on Jesse's girl? What happened to the narrator from Jesse's Girl... are he and Jesse still friends? This opens up a MAJOR can of worms!
  8. Plus2Joe

    ESO Account Creation and Recovery

    Hm, that's super weird. Yes, it is real. The reasons for the relative lack of support on ESO account issues over the last few years are many and complex... but most users don't care WHY they're not getting support; they (rightly) just want to get their problems solved! Since the server migration last year, we've received a lot fewer requests for password resets and the like. Since then, we've made additional improvements to our tools and resources (and hired on the amazingly talented @jennywaboom) to allow us to now address an even greater portion of customer issues. We're still unable to help with certain complaints, but we're looking into those problems now as well.
  9. Plus2Joe

    Changes on the Age Community Team

    @Wicked Wulf I'll keep that in mind!
  10. Hello everyone! Please join me in welcoming @jennywaboom to the Age of Empires team! She is the newest Community Manager on the Microsoft Studios Community team, and she's jumping in head first to all things Age related! While @cupEcakeplays is stepping back a bit from Age of Empires to work on some other projects, she's still on the Microsoft Studios Community team, so she'll still be around, if slightly less frequently! We've loved having her as a Community Manager on Age, and we're glad we get to keep her around. As always, feel free bring any issues in the forums to your friendly neighborhood admins: @jennywaboom, @Robeyone, @Siege Wizard, and yours truly, @Plus2Joe. Of course, our fabulous Volunteer Community Moderators are also here to answer your questions: @Andy P, @AnotherRiddle, @Chuggles22, @InflamedNut2 and @Wicked Wulf.
  11. Plus2Joe

    Community Changes

    She'd be more than welcome, although I imagine she'll want time to settle into her new gig before diving back into these forums! Emp, consider this an open invitation!
  12. Please post your entries below. Note that this thread will lock at 11:59 PM PDT on August 31, 2016. The full blog post, with a link to the official rules, can be found here.
  13. Post your entries below! The full blog post, along with a link to the official rules, can be found here. Please note that this thread will lock on July 27, 2016 at 11:59 PM PDT.
  14. The Age of Empires community has a tradition of recognizing leaders within the community with the title of Community Sage. It's been a while since we've done so, but today we're pleased to honor two of our members who have contributed consistently and positively to the community for a long time: DrTovip and Spelerweetlkhoeveel! Please join us in thanking them for their leadership and contributions in the comments below!
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