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  1. Happy Birthday to Kal-El!

    It's good to see so many Superman fans out there HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dude!!
  2. I am so done with Winter!!!

    Be thankful you don't live in Australia during the winter, it's HORRIBLE A typical winter sunset in Darwin
  3. Crazy News

    What then?
  4. Alliance of the Week - AUDI MEXICO

  5. @DeNiSs, @Scythian Fury - PLAY NICE!
  6. Anything not directly related to the original post 'Forever In Peace Treaty' has been cut out. I have decided to leave the posts available for members to read, to understand why I have done this. As a forum member I would like to say plenty, but I am wearing my moderator hat so I'll just leave it at this. (PS: Forum moderators have NO influence in game related matters)
  7. Alliance of the Week - TN1

  8. Link account

    Hello Nolackin and welcome to the forum. If you send a personal message (pm) to @Baroness Von Panda with your details, she may be able to assist you.
  9. Linked accounts by mistake

    Hello AbrasiveSuga and welcome to the forum. If you send a personal message (pm) to @Baroness Von Panda, she may be able to assist you. Bear in mind we are in the Easter Holiday period and it may take a couple of days for a response.
  10. Alliance of the Week - WRY

    Wry??? OK, OK - not funny. How about 'The many faces of WRY!" wry rʌɪ/ adjective 1. using or expressing dry, especially mocking, humour. "a wry smile" synonyms: ironic, sardonic, satirical, mocking, scoffing, sneering, derisive, scornful, sarcastic, double-edged, dry, droll, witty, humorous; informalsarky "his wry humour made her laugh" Congrats WRY. Well done
  11. Not working at

    Hello Gee689 and welcome to the forum. As @AngelicAngieK mentioned, server maintenance is conducted on a regular basis. Have a wander thru where you will find more details. Also, if I may direct you to the forum Code of Conduct ( and ask that you make yourself familiar with its contents. Thank you and Happy Sieging.
  12. Hello rbest53 and welcome to the forum. The arrows indicate your resources are currently in a 'boost' - that is, they are producing more resource than normal. May I guide you towards the forum Code of Conduct ( and ask that you familiarise yourself with the contents? Happy sieging
  13. 4 days no hit

  14. Alliance of the Week - The High Road

    Well done guys
  15. Shower Thoughts...

    On the subject of misusing words: Why do people insist on using the word 'which' instead of the word 'that'? 'Which' is a choice word.