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  1. AnotherRiddle

    Important decision

    Forget all that rubbish - you've got to go Hot Pockets Comedian Jim Gaffigan is well known for his material poking fun at Hot Pockets. This material is so popular among fans that he is regularly offered Hot Pockets while on tour. The video became a YouTube sensation. Nestlé confirms that they had no influence with this stand-up comedy. In a 2015 installment of the comic strip Wizard of Id the Huns employed a trojan Hot Pocket in their perpetual war against the Kingdom of Id, with the intention of causing them to kill themselves slowly. Actor DJ Qualls plays a hacker in the 2003 science fiction film The Core who subsists solely on the microwaveable snack.
  2. AnotherRiddle

    Typhoon Mangkhut

    Typhoon Mangkhut: 29 dead in Philippines as storm leaves trail of destruction The strongest storm in the world this year has now caused flooding in southern China after making landslides in the Philippines. Thoughts with all affected
  3. AnotherRiddle

    Is top player done with the game?

    Oh - come on - after a meme like that, I gotta lock it
  4. AnotherRiddle

    Fuera de servicio

    (UNTIL WHEN WILL THE CASTLE SIEGE GAME BE OUT OF SERVICE ??? For more than 12 hours you can not enter, this is a mockery gentlemen, how many hours can a server be in maintenance? I do PC technical service and it is not very credible. I hope they fix it soon)
  5. AnotherRiddle

    No funciona

    (I am from Argentina and since 13hs of my country the age is not working) @Baroness Von Panda may be able to assist you.
  6. AnotherRiddle

    Alliance of the Week - Camelot Knights

  7. AnotherRiddle

    Alliance of the Week - Rough Riders

  8. AnotherRiddle


    Really?? We have moved to this???
  9. AnotherRiddle

    Graditudes to Baroness Von Panda

    Isn't she just
  10. AnotherRiddle

    Alliance of the Week - Kreuzritter 2

  11. AnotherRiddle

    age empirie

    I know there's not much happening - but PLEASE!!!
  12. AnotherRiddle

    Alliance of the Week - BadBobsAlliance

  13. AnotherRiddle


    @Andy P posted here on 22 April 2017. This is an extract from his post:
  14. AnotherRiddle

    May The 4th Be With You