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  1. The full set!

    Great job @Aardvark, I am just half way.
  2. So about balance

    I thought you were having trouble with your check book by the title East, I could help with that but there is no help for the game at this point............
  3. Is that a selfie Wulfie ? You are soooooo cute and I was sure you liked belly rubs!! Lol Now let's leave Mrs. Clown out of this she works for the government and has no since of humor, we both might end up under area 51 !!!
  4. Good Wulfie ( pat on the head ) no need to get your hackles up, now lay down and let the Clown give you a belly rub!!! No No, no biting, love nips are ok...... Good Wulfie!!
  5. Expensive game

    Been playing since day one, joined forum a year or so later. I loved all the bugs in the updates, there were times stomping bugs was more fun than playing the game!!
  6. Peaceful place for INTELLIGENT debate

    Who will be serving the adult beverages on page 4, we don't want any watered down alcohol I would not want to see East go into DT's!!
  7. Expensive game

    Chugs you have lost it or you found some really good drugs, SGI has dumped us into the abyss of broken and abandoned games !! I do think that Microsoft has told them to do it, but that doesn't really matter to us players!!
  8. Don't worry about this game Wulf, take care of yourself and your son! Heck X-box has had a problem for days and I can't login to even give troops.
  9. Never has the game been worse

    We keep upping the voltage but not heartbeat yet........ CLEAR ( ker zap!! ) no pulse, up the voltage again............
  10. Never has the game been worse

    Not sure why I have been brought into this but I do agree with East and Mmali on this, I have played this game from day one and have been attacked about 5 minutes after log off from the start. Something has changed and now I can go a day plus without being attacked even with a few 1000 crowns. As to if it was done with forethought or not I cannot say, but MM has never been worse and that is a fact.
  11. How about an update from Smoking Gun Interactive?

    The Sage has spoken, now you must update us @Baroness Von Panda or face the horror that comes from upsetting the Sage! Long live the Sage and his Speler bird !!!!!
  12. Doggies!

    A fine pair of pot lickers you have there Chuggs !! They are like kids you got to pick!
  13. Music.........New & Old.......Part 2 :-)

    I send this out to the @Wicked Wulf, I will see you around........
  14. Smashdown on the forum?

    Why does everyone put this poor old clown in the same group as the puppet? -----_____-----