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  1. PleasedClown463

    Is Conrad the only hero everyone uses?

    @truckdriver, how long have you been playing? If you need help with your game you could join with fury I bet he could teach you a lot, about everything! Enjoy nexting!
  2. If he does that I may have to give him the boot! I would feel real bad about it though.
  3. PleasedClown463

    Join 20+ alliances on Discord

    Sent you a pm.
  4. PleasedClown463

    In Memory of The Treasure we lost....

    RIP Jag, may your memory live on forever.
  5. PleasedClown463

    Sooooo! 4th year Anniversary is coming!

    Yep I am the left hand of God! Lol
  6. PleasedClown463

    Sooooo! 4th year Anniversary is coming!

    You do know that PM gets all the good stuff, Andy is ahead of me as I am only at age 25. It's good to be Andy's left hand.
  7. PleasedClown463

    Happy Birthday to this old game Legend...

    I never thought I would say this but I miss the Puppet's rants, he did keep the mod's on their toes!
  8. We still have a pulse, if any old PMers are out there come on home the door is open, the beer is cold and the fire is warm!
  9. I would have erased everything but the title, you da man Chuggs!!!!!!!!!
  10. PleasedClown463

    Not Another Revenge Window Thread...or Not :p

    Mmali is a great guy and one of the finest clowns you could ever meet! Trust me I know Clowns!!
  11. PleasedClown463


    I heard of this happening about two years ago ( it could have been longer ), it was a bug that was happening with some tablets I think. Maybe @Andy P will know if it was fixed there are not too many old timers that have been with the game from the start around anymore but Andy was here.
  12. PleasedClown463

    Music.........New & Old.......Part 2 :-)

    Way cool Chuggs ! I remember when the old bands where new bands and 5 bucks got you a great show and a hangover!!
  13. PleasedClown463

    Happy Birthday to this old game Legend...

    Happy Birthday to East, may the 30 pack you drink tonight leave you with no hangover!!
  14. PleasedClown463

    Crazy News

    Chuggs you are alive!
  15. PleasedClown463

    What happened to the United India alliance ?

    I loved the days when we of PM battled with UI and GOP! The game was at it's best then!