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  1. PleasedClown463

    So on my age 10 alt account

    They are letting the game fade away......... I found the tread " Patch 1.15 " and made a post about the old days and Panda must have locked it! I guess they don't want the past brought up to remind us of what we have lost..........
  2. PleasedClown463

    How long are you playing ?

    I have been playing from the start of the game, joined the forum about a year later I made the top 50 on the leader board when #1 was over 24k crowns. Have been in PM for ever and am still there watching over my sleeping mates.
  3. PleasedClown463

    Patch 1.15

    O the good old days when we had updates and lots of people on the forum.................. Very sad where we are now.
  4. PleasedClown463

    Where are the AoE:CS Veterans?

    Sorry, was just for fun I did not mean to offend!
  5. PleasedClown463

    Where are the AoE:CS Veterans?

    You know she will only do the panda dance and then only in black and white!!
  6. I think it takes around 10.
  7. PleasedClown463


    Thanks Chuggs, so many lost are forgotten it is good to be reminded!
  8. PleasedClown463

    FIFA World Cup

    Go Packers, teach them how to play football !!!
  9. PleasedClown463


    So if you have a stock pile of gold and you don't need it will SGI buy it back?
  10. PleasedClown463

    Goodbye to my friends... and the rest of you :p

    I have a big secret? ........ you need to tell me what it is first.......... and I am nice all the time, I was just trying to help a mate out! Lol Next thing you will try saying I am going to roast your dragon over your burning keep ...................... O wait......... my bad! Lol
  11. PleasedClown463

    Lets do a Wacky

    And I did get the joke B. I. T. C. H. at the end very cute!
  12. PleasedClown463

    Lets do a Wacky

    Choke............... why would you want to do anything in 5 inch heels? As for the rest................ I will keep my mouth shut!
  13. PleasedClown463

    Goodbye to my friends... and the rest of you :p

    Her silly pole thread .
  14. PleasedClown463

    Lets do a Wacky

    Is a puppet better than a clown? Will Chuggs outlast Wulfie............. on staying live on the forum? ( get your minds out of the gutter! ) Will Andy ever come back to stay? Will we ever get a new content update? Slackers want to know!