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  1. ksslive

    i cant login

    You guys should do this type of "outage" occasionally. Like after every league..... !! Look at the forum all green and alive everywhere. I saw that much online players after a loooong time.. BTW thanks for your quick response....Even on Sunday
  2. Oh! please please!! attack on my keep and give me 16h PT.... We will short out rest after my PT end (with my richard and salsa) PS. Very sarcastic keep it up .
  3. ksslive

    The Xbox server is down again.

    Are you trying to give me a heart attack !?!? Thank you dear Texas. I really appreciate your help. Means I am safe from attacks.
  4. ksslive

    The Xbox server is down again.

    Oh WoW !! can you please tell me about my PT
  5. ksslive

    "Error encountered connecting to the server"

  6. "Support team AKA baroness von panda will be online on Monday so be patience ." "information for our new and less frequent forum members " Thank you
  7. Server Might be Over-load due to "too much BORE " peoples on weekends . I really feels dizzy after watching "sword spin" for whole day...….and I feel like
  8. My dear Gabrox !! please dont shout-out players name on public forum. if you have any concern about player behavior or game play then please send Personal message to @Baroness Von Panda . however I already tagged her so she can easily find it. I also want to tell you that there is no way of cheating . . . stay online for 8h to avoid attack isn't count as un fair mean or cheating . but doing this via a bot or a tool might be a UFM,
  9. ksslive

    The Xbox server is down again.

    Its like Christmas who says game and forum doesn't have active players.....Game just dont let them to be "social " . baroness will be very happy on Monday after watching over flow complaints. her very first reaction would be.... " yey ! I am not going to jobless"
  10. LOL . they dont provide free gold in case of compensation . you forget free 750 gold distribution my friend ; and 7 days PT . the day I meet you for the first time.
  11. ksslive

    The Xbox server is down again.

    in sci-fi movie old robot/computer friend or hero die after some fluctuation on display or service outage; this is the same.... first sign. meanwhile my internal source reveals that Developer doing very hard work on the issue … even on Sunday; here's the proof
  12. thanks my dear.I already know the drill. just wants to list my complaint here.
  13. hi fellow forum members. and baroness . I also face same issue since 2PM IST. I checked my connection ;I tried on different OS and device but same error occur. A peace treaty would be great until you guys resolve the issue...… we are #1 in our league with very small margin . in case you need . @Baroness Von Panda
  14. ksslive

    Has my Terror Dome layout been hacked?

    Nonsense is searching sense in a thing which was nonsense from the very beginning. . . . . .Nice profile picture though. Batter then scary black Shadow.
  15. Oooh!! clinic is ON. . . . . . . . However peoples seems self aware now a days....They don't need clinic to quit playing anymore. Dev team is enough alone.