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  1. I feel abandoned

    Lol JB your abundance is over ..Panda is here .
  2. Thanks for your efforts. I face same problem few times but it never cause defeat so never bothered. But your condition seems critical..You can send PM to baroness. She is on holiday BTW.
  3. not actually ..i never use purple and KTs together . just shared experience with deferent battles and hero
  4. your link lead us to a suspicious site, and failed to play (tried 3 different browsers ) please upload to YouTube (if possible) or a much familiar site. not only ladders sometime Templars and other troops also trapped in wall . my most recent encounter was with arquebuser's (purple guys) they trapped into a wall gate just after Richard ability. and grenadiers also failed to moved because they converted by Joan with in gate,. i found it non critical and never complaint . but if you lose battle because of this "glitch" devs should take some action.
  5. Training Boost

    holiday boost and festival markets are pre planned like every year (i hope so). so wait and watch what we get, no more free festival trees !
  6. Music.........New & Old.......Part 2 :-)

    hey folks ,, here's the song which may makes you cry.. specially if you lose someone beloved. if you feel sad or teared eye then its simply means that humanity is still alive in you. if you are a fan of alexandre ...
  7. During my first few months of playing it was difficult for me to attack from upper right side and upper left side cos of my right handed mouse. One more problems with these directions are towers range...A player like me always consider tower head as a range center but actually its towers bottom. This little mistake makes you lose your Trebs ....But now I can start battle from any side.. I prefer watch signal and guard house side so they can be demolished ASAP .
  8. One problem with turtle is no daily gold (24per day) . And you still lose 1 star . More then skill its depend on your crowns. If you have 7-8k then every one try to 2 star atleast on you . Cos it's worth.but if you have 1-2k crowns with same layout and power level same player either avoid or do one star to save his troop for next battle.
  9. It's depend mostly on how much crowns you possess.... This game contain lots of variable. My layout qualified for one star but below 2K crowns. Only few revenges are 2 Star cos of conrad.

    Hi @Shallabh welcome to forum. Whatever you said today is been already told by a"Doctor " who have "rehab clinic" here. And I am also a Client and I feel better now. Here his wise words. Thanks to Earl. Good day enemies! Well, I have decided to quit. Not the game, but the hunt for crowns. I have got to the end of Age 8 with everything upgraded (bar a couple of towers and a hero or 2) and topped out at around 4000 crowns, but now the game has become a drag. There are many reasons to give up the (crown) game from my perspective. The primary ones are: Chasing crowns requires me to play on the games schedule and not my schedule. Playing around peace treaties is ok...but the ridiculous amount of attention needed re greyouts just saps real life away. I can think of no other game where to advance on the leaders rank requires me to play on your (devs) schedule instead of mine. Paying for the free game. I have no issues with paying to play, though thus far I have not yet invested any money. You should be able to pay to advance your caste quicker, build your armies strength quicker, develop your res production quicker etc etc. This simply enables a payer to advance ages and speed up the game... BUT at the same time, the playing field for crown hunters is still basically level. I do have in issue when players are able to buy Martel / Conrad for every offence. This clearly gives those crown hunters a huge advantage...which makes staying in the crown game pointless for me. I'd like to try new tactics....but as you crown hunters well know....offensive defeat makes for a very bad day!!!....there's really nowhere to play with new stuff in the crown game. Suggestions :- find a teaching alliance not crowns chasing. Because if you attempt exam without proper preparation you will failed for sure.. Never spent real money before you learn enough to utilize your investment.
  11. On-peace treaty Chat

    @SPARXIST I have to say that you are very good in anatomy. One step ahead I sincerely apologize if you are offended. though that wasn't my intention at all. AND. I suggest you to do not attack me personally again in future as you do in your last post . Whatever I write/share/complaint /like/ dislike here on forum or in game is none of your business. As long as you aren't mentioned clearly. Stop being a stalker .. . . Just a friendly advice.
  12. Anecdote of the day

    Good to see you back wulf. Do you occasionally take holidays during "full moon" or it was first time just for "super moon" ...Just curious.
  13. The Attacker must be a Cheater!!!

    Your query answered in your thread please check there.
  14. Get attacked can not revenge

    14h ?? Nope no one can be online more then 8hour at once..With intervals yes. You can't catch him/her because of your different timezones. If you still believe you can send his gamer tag to baroness for further investigations. Via personal message never post someone's gamer tag insuch case.