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  1. ksslive

    Conrad going out of fashion?

    conrad is not out of fashion the game is.
  2. ksslive

    Anything new to try out?

    dont build walls so you never need to build a Tdome also dont build extra farms and mills . until 8th age, that's minimise your resource loot when you get attacked. and like DD said dont upgrade or unlock unnecessary heroes .
  3. Today is very special day for Us . today is the birthday of our beloved PANDA !! dont try to blow candles !!
  4. ksslive

    Unable to sign in

    game working fine. please sign-out and sign-in again in your Xbox App or console . open the game after successful login on app. if you get any further trouble then please send PM to BV panda.
  5. ksslive

    Important decision

    hey JB I couldn't say proper goodbye to you at your farewell ! I was sleeping that time
  6. ksslive


    any VCM or CM can you please fix his picture link so we can see them properly . thanks in advance you always have our blessings just keep hitting next and put a weight on spacebar when you feel tired !!
  7. ksslive


    finishing University ( crown bonus research ) doesn't affect total crown loot a lot. I dont remember before finishing university time but after you max-out the crown bonus research you can loot 1/3 crowns offered Per star . means if you do only single star then you can loot 1/3 of total crown your opponent offer during attack. and if you curious about how crown loot works then you should visit FAQ thread for batter understanding .
  8. ksslive

    B von P is going on vacation! 3-8th Oct

    enjoy your vacations . . . . but dont late for the party .
  9. ksslive

    Relief Force

    this reminds me a person who is spotted recently on fury's Deadpool . stealing players may be
  10. ksslive

    About 100 days

    after visiting "earls rehab clinic for crown addiction " just checking
  11. ksslive

    TAG or name change

    changing Gamer Tag or name cost money !! you can change your gamer tag for free only once. if you can afford money then please go to Xbox.com and login with your credential >profile>customize > change gamer tag.
  12. ksslive

    Music.........New & Old.......Part 2 :-)

    yours also great but song is different !
  13. ksslive

    About 100 days

    all of them ...I suppose. in ratio of 1:1:3 respectively (for now)
  14. ksslive

    Anecdote of the day

    I read somewhere that picture are stronger then words ………..so !! I figured it out why we have such a boring loading screen,, for such "good" game !! we stare it for 8h per day since last 4 years.. … wonderful idea
  15. ksslive

    Is Conrad the only hero everyone uses?

    Q-Is Conrad the only hero everyone uses? A-No ! Conrad is the only hero remain people can use, but I have to ask 'is Conrad the only hero people complaint about !!? " Richard need less "so called skills" then Conrad. and I use him more then Conrad.(yes I dont have any skill) I bet you people start whining about "Richard " if some day developers returned from their 'sleeping pods" and nerfed him as per wish.
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