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  1. Come on and tell us some secrets :-)

    So these votes ever turn into real work you just collecting them to get your self warm .
  2. LoL.. you are so bored. Why don't you start writing novels.. who know you will become .. jk rolling You forget to add years and bucks wasted to reach 10th age Max.
  3. come out come out wherever you are !

    You can't get free festival tree if you already have one. You know ...They play smart at this point.. cos you can't make someone fool twice.... So they decided not to give second festival tree.
  4. Music.........New & Old.......Part 2 :-)

    Hey folks I was busy and can't login for then 15 days.. Here's my fevo. The slow one..
  5. What's your New Year's Resolution?

    good luck with that,,, I wish you will succeed. I found you in MM more then 10 times in one day and now I found you here .
  6. Come on and tell us some secrets :-)

    yes I can see the blue bars growing . seems we have more liars then we thought
  7. ask something

    but we supposed to help peoples aren't we . I promise not to reveal "magic trick " to any one again,
  8. ask something

    yep! sure its all yours ma'am (not confirmed just guessed )
  9. come out come out wherever you are !

    first of all ... happy new year to you folks. and yes .. I totally agree with you. almost all offers are useless for a end gamer/ nearly end gamer. production boost is useless / I already have festival tree / even battle chests contains resource . whatever the occasion they serve the same " recipe" again and again,... they failed to bring new content in game now they also failed in providing "new " offers "the ship is sinking "
  10. Conrad not Activating

    next time you scouting ..look carefully for gates. if all exposed wall pieces are gates then your Conrad wont boost rams. [ Learn and read to find a solution to this please - it is not difficult - MOD EDIT] you will be fine. LEARN the GAME .
  11. Conrad not Activating

    hello there ... if you look around you can easily find same problem threads . FYI Conrad doesn't work in two cases. 1- if there is no wall piece at all in layout 2-layout contain walls but no wall exposed/available to land on.... remember Conrad is a siege tower and siege tower need a wall piece to land.. and NOT a GATE. look care fully your replay and you will find there in no walls available there all are gates, try to learn the game . skill cant be purchased. BTW this game provides you more then enough gold for free daily. spent real money when you fully aware of game contents. wish you a happy new year ...good luck keep sieging
  12. Happy New Year to the Players of Castle Siege

    thanks . please call me K . okay only 2 min ..brb,, firework started. see you after a "year" latter
  13. Happy New Year to the Players of Castle Siege

    6 min more and I am in 2018 WISH YOU ALL A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR,
  14. Someone else it's not being atacked?

    you need "erls rehab clinic" forget about crowns... and enjoy your life . if you stop worrying crowns you can do any thing you want. ..farming too. and its really a good strategy. makes you castle strong enough to hold crowns . as I always said... Upgrades are eternal . you can earn crowns any time. hi.. you are just 4 month old . means you are not much upgraded , in lower ages attacks are not very frequent. but as your power level increased and you crossed 60% upgraded 7th age you suddenly start getting attacked some time twice per day, and as you reach 9th 10th age with 3K or more crowns ; you attacked as you close game.
  15. Failed to connect to server

    this usually happens when your network drop. specially if you are on mobile network... check your network . you can keep running command prompt in back ground to check if problem is due to network or game server. try this (on PC) run command prompt and type "ping bing.com -t" and observe time. it should be under 100ms. under 50 is best,