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  1. Smirky

    Last Minute Game Objectives

    I hope I can still max everything on my main. I've been enjoying all about alliances being an emperor for a long time. I've donated tons to Wonders because I always thought the road to an objective was more important than the objective itself. I've quitted my alliance a while back because of personal reasons but I'm relieved (and proud) to see that after making some changes, they were doing great again. I've even quitted the whole game a few times, but I couldn't seem to stay away from it. Now the time of ending is set, I'm determined to finish. The only thing that's left are about half of the walls. But bringing them from level 6 up to level 13 is still going to need A LOT of stones. I want to add to this that I truly enjoyed this forum as much (or maybe more) than the game. Not only did it connect people, but it made it possible for me to meet someone who lives on the other side of the world who I consider to be my dearest friend. Although we never use this forum anymore to reach out to each other, it will allways stay in my memory for starting it. I hope we can all meet somewhere in another digital place and talk about an exciting new game.
  2. Hi @tcecomputers In this thread, in the post of Andy P dating april 21, 2017 (scroll down a lot to find the post and scroll down IN the post), you'll find ways to do funny things with roads/gates. As far as I know, nothing changed since then so it should all still work. Happy sieging!
  3. Smirky

    Music.........New & Old.......Part 2 :-)

    To be honest, I don't know. It could have been my previous incarnation
  4. Smirky

    Where can I find out how to donate to Wonders?

    Hi @NinjaTigerKat, First of all your alliance emperor must have an embassy and select which wonder to work on. He/she can change the wonder without losing progression (for example when someone wants to donate wood but the active wonder needs food). Like Ragnar said, to contribute to a wonder you need an embassy yourself. In the embassy you can see what wonder is active and what the tasks are (always two, one a donation task and one that has to be completed while attacking). The donation can be done in the embassy when you have more than the minimum amount of resources. For the task that needs attacking, you have to do nothing except owning an embassy. As a starting player, you can be very helpfull with the 'attacking' tasks but the donations are better done by the higher age players. Happy sieging!
  5. Smirky

    Quotes You Love

    Hi @AngelicAngieK, Your quote reminds me of my doctor visit a couple of days ago. I came into the waiting area and almost every chair was taken. So I took my book and started to read. All the time I was waiting, people were complaining while doctors did there best to win back the lost time because one of them was called away for something urgent. I was the last person to leave the waiting area about 2 hours late, but I had a good time with a good book
  6. Smirky

    Beer! Beer! Beer!

    I must admit to be lucky living in this country and have those beers for a better price. We buy Hoegaarden in an eight pack and pay €5.00 for it (about $5.82USD). @AnotherRiddle told me what he had to pay for Karmeliet in Australia (see earlier in this thread) and it was a big difference as well. It's good to read the Dunkel is your favorite, because I personally like it too. I enjoyed a pilsner beer only once: in the first year of my studies to become an engineer, we were 'baptised'. It was a very stressfull but fun evening and at the end we all got a beer. It tasted like the best thing I ever had. I never made wine or beer myself (probably too busy tasting the existing ones ).
  7. Smirky

    Beer! Beer! Beer!

    Hi @Something Gross, I'm Belgian and couldn't resist to give a bit more explanation about our 'Hoegaarden' Although it's 'white' beer as well, it's NOT hefeweissen. The Belgian Hoegaarden is brewed differently than the mostly German hefeweissen beers. There is more hop used and the wheat isn't malted. I know, just details but important ones if you come from this part of the world and enjoy a good beer once in a while It's pronounced like it's written except that the 'oe' in Dutch pronounces 'oo' in English so you were right about that There are good German Hefeweissen beers as well of course. The ones my husband really likes are 'Erdinger' and 'Franziskaner'.
  8. Smirky

    Community Changes

    Hi Empress, I'm sorry to see you leave, you have been an inspiration to us and kept us informed as best you could. I wish you all the best in your new career path and hope you visit us often From @AnotherRiddle (not able to log on to the forum) : So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish!
  9. I can leave a message to my bestest and dearest friend [smile]

    1. AnotherRiddle


      And who is that? [cool]

  10. Smirky

    Alliance of the Day- Phantom Time

    Those who are already inside
  11. Smirky

    Alliance of the Day- Phantom Time

    I'm in vacation but couldn't resist: Request send
  12. Smirky


    Yes, I live close to Antwerp but we visit regularly different places throughout Belgium. I just couldn't find better pictures from Wallonië than yours!
  13. Smirky

    Beer! Beer! Beer!

    My favorite beer is 'Tripel Karmeliet'. A golden brown brew, served with a huge creamy head. Vanilla blends with an orangey hop aroma and a wheaty light crispness. It also boasts an oaty creamy and a spicy, lemony, almost subtle dryness. There are a lot of Belgian beers I like, but this one is the best! You can drink it on a summer evening, in winter after sport, ..... whenever you like (I like Trappistes Rochefort too )
  14. Smirky


    Yes, we used the simplest camera you can imagine
  15. Smirky


    @AnotherRiddle Because you asked, my dear friend Pictures from Belgium My children enjoying the view (a few years back)
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