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  1. Why not allow more Practice Attacks

    Lol nice, right on the face of devs.
  2. Conrad the money maker

    @LunarMojo When Conrad failed to boost in terrordome, I think many people made account on forums and complained about the Conrad fail. Most of their posts were their first post on the forum. I think at that time the number of forums users increased than usual rate. I think we can conclude that many people just rely on Conram and they would leave the game if Conrad is actually nerfed. Its sad to see that so many people JUST depend on Conrad to play.
  3. Happy Valentine's Day to ALL

    The elephant with a banana in his trunk has a heart because he is showcasing it to other elephants and willing to share the banana with them. He doesn’t fear that the banana will be snatched by other elephants, he is ready to share. That’s selflessness.
  4. Happy Valentine's Day to ALL

    I dropped off a toxic relation, which I felt I was in, in Jan. I spend my Valentine’s Day with my parents and they are so happy about it. I feel nice and positive. Happy Vanentines day everyone. Spread positivity and spread love. Love is something which uplifts both the participants and not the other way around. Don’t be with toxic people who can ruin your lives and can erase your life.’s purpose. May Saint Valentino blesses you with strong positive and a happy heart.
  5. spawning units in edge of map

    @D_Angel_T I really like your DP.
  6. John Kourkouas - elephant man!

    So John needs a herd of elephant with him definitely. Please devs do something about him. Also John/Joan/Tariq are good companions with Martel.
  7. John Kourkouas - elephant man!

    But i need to understand this, like Maslama's health is 8280 but he has his platoon, John doesnt have his platoon but just his elephant friend, but has health 33120. So the heath written is of the hero and not the platoon? If thats true, then Devs, i please urge you to have a platoon of elephant calfs surrounding John's elephant.
  8. This guy is an elephant with the health of an ant. Here is the video of our esteemed elephant man. I just used him at the end of the battle only because time was less and i had to do 60%, otherwise i wouldn't have used him, but to my surprise, he was dead too early. I mean 33120 health he has got but it doesn't seem so. https://streamable.com/hizz8 WHY??? Devs, please do something!!!
  9. Attacking others

    @MAK142 Hello and Welcome! No, it’s not possible for us to attack a player of our choice. Only random empires comes in MM. You can only attack a player of your choice in a revenge battle.
  10. Minha aliança está sem imperador oq fazer

    @Perna Se ele estiver inativo há mais de 30 dias, envie uma mensagem para @Baroness Von Panda
  11. Conrad deploys but no boost

    But I wanna help. That’s what this forum is about.
  12. Conrad deploys but no boost

    So that people stay in game and buy gold and this game goes running and we play for free. Also, fed up with these repeated topics like this.
  13. Conrad deploys but no boost

    You must be attacking a terrordome empire structure. [ Sorry Something must be wrong with the screen lol.......this answer is covered in several threads......anyone wanting to figure it out can read up, thanks]
  14. problema de visualizar o castelo

    @spf1963 Parece que ainda estão em uma versão antiga do cliente do jogo, então você não poderá visualizar ou vingar contra eles.
  15. In need of a Terrordome design?

    Actually terrordone is a easy no hero 2 star. also, now most of the players know how to use Conrad on terrordone empires.