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  1. IAmAwesome4sure

    I hear so many waiting for Sale

    Hey people, don’t waste money on this game. Instead help the poor or those in need.
  2. IAmAwesome4sure

    How long are you playing ?

    What we have to do to become Castle siege legend?
  3. IAmAwesome4sure

    FIFA World Cup

    Congrats Belgium for 3rd place. France Croatia . I choose Croatia for the win. Let’s see tomorrow.
  4. IAmAwesome4sure

    How long are you playing ?

    3 years and 3 months. My record was 13300+ No.1 on LB for 4-5 days. I don’t know why I am sticking around here for so long time.
  5. IAmAwesome4sure

    Broken hero

    Lol, I got laugh reading this. Plan for perfection. When you using Conrad, you don’t need a game plan.
  6. IAmAwesome4sure

    Happy Mother's Day

    Happy mother’s day . God has given the most precious gift to us all from our birth, a mother, who is responsible for making a man, a man and a woman, a woman. Only she can fulfil this role. Happy women’s day .
  7. IAmAwesome4sure

    age empirie

  8. IAmAwesome4sure

    Not Another Revenge Window Thread...or Not :p

    WE WANT ALLIANCES WARS Alliances wars Alliances wars Alliances wars
  9. IAmAwesome4sure


    I understand your pain dear. I too feel the same.
  10. Which alliances would you look up to see war happening between? Which alliance would be you want to be in when the war happens and who all you want to defeat? I believe healthy rivalry is the best way to improve skills and keep the game spirit high and positive.
  11. IAmAwesome4sure

    Age of empires

    Welcome @Udeepa aj welcome to the world of castle siege.
  12. IAmAwesome4sure

    making AOE game without Turks

    Bro, i think you should just need to chill and relax with your girlfriend, and stop fighting here.
  13. When will this game become interesting so that I become like this kid: I guess with the announcement of Alliance wars.
  14. IAmAwesome4sure

    making AOE game without Turks

    Last king of the Ottoman Empire!
  15. IAmAwesome4sure

    Everyone must open the wall and gate

    Only 1 thing stops me from doing what you say: Castle Defender objective. Heck, it will take lot of years to complete that.