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  1. @Wicked Wulf Hellooooooooooooo (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hu8sakmL3Bo) It's been like 2 months since i stop checking the forum daily (and since i stopped playing ) I finally received an invitation for AoE:DE Beta!, but haven't been able to install it, because i'm still using W10 1511 (November (2015) Update) So, well...what did i miss? Is there any exciting new about CS :o? or...everything is just like usual ? Btw, what happened with all your avatars ?
  2. Dannysbkn

    Big Forums Changes Next Week!

    But now that people will think they can't post here, because those sections will be locked. Maybe it'll be necessary to move all those old sections to a "Legacy Folder" or similar
  3. Dannysbkn

    Big Forums Changes Next Week!

    Well, it's sad getting separated from the rest of the franchise, but as long as links to both forums are put in both pages, i guess it'll be okay.
  4. Dannysbkn

    Castle Siege Memes

    Hi there
  5. Dannysbkn

    Patch 1.23.1 for Android (Limited Release)

    Ohh well, it turns out our hero was clever than this humble narrator. Guess it's time to find a new job. Goodbye kids! *runs away crashing with a tree that appeared out of nowhere* The end lol
  6. Dannysbkn

    Patch 1.23.1 for Android (Limited Release)

    but our poor hero didn't know that his efforts to install the game through alternative methods would become wasted time after 2 hours of posting this comment Or you already had it installed since last week?
  7. Dannysbkn

    Community Changes

    Why not both?
  8. Dannysbkn

    Community Changes

    I should never have listed "no more EP" as an option. This is all my fault, the only option should have been "EPx2" -.- We'll miss you empress, no one will be able to reach your empressness level (whatever that means lmao) And, well, welcome to the dark side We have tea, cookies and tons of pennants lol
  9. Dannysbkn

    QUESTIONS About Alliances & Misc. Information

    In other news. I have received 26 members in 2-3 days, in an alliance i created with my alt. account (well, not exactly, i received the emp. rank, and the old emp. left to join our alliance. He was alone in that alliance, so i converted it in a extension of ours (He had almost completed tower of london lvl.1 by himself!)) So, there are a lot of new players everyday. I'm pretty sure these 26 players found my alliance thanks to the "new" alliance search (because i changed the location to southamerica and the min. crowns to 0, and suddenly the alliance started to fill up), but it can be improved, all the search function can be improved. This is an very important topic i think. But we shouldn't worry about it, because probably it will be one of the improvements that will be done along age x release, right? The grand big super mega turbo 2nd anniversary update? Am i dreaming too much :B?
  10. Dannysbkn

    Looking for Wonder Donations help

    I wrote this in the other post, but happily we finished Poison the Well, and thereby, all tower of london boosts Now we would be even happier if someone could donate us some stone for Basilica lvl2 :| Common' we want to be able to activate Expropriation as much as we want, help us! Again, thanks in advance!
  11. Dannysbkn

    Castle Siege Memes

    1.5 years* xd
  12. Dannysbkn

    Alliance of the Day- Phantom Time

    You can see in their twitter https://twitter.com/SmokingGunInc/with_replies that they sent PM to some people. I'm still waiting xd (I suppose that these posts will be hidden, right?)
  13. Dannysbkn

    Alliance of the Day- Phantom Time

    Well, it seems the moment i never thought would come, has arrived. I'll have to create a twitter account. :|
  14. Dannysbkn

    Alliance of the Day- Phantom Time

    Do letters exist between James and Joanna? EDIT: @Andy P whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? how!?
  15. Dannysbkn

    Alliance of the Day- Phantom Time

    However... <3 HEART LOVE .-.
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