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  1. Silver Kings are Recruting

    Silver Kings are recruiting, any skill level, New Players welcome, Join the fun.
  2. Silver Kings are Recruting

    New players, join us, we are here to help. Only play occasionally, we welcome you. Play every day or every week, great, join us
  3. Silver Kings are Recruting

    No minimum Crowns, New players welcome, Relief troops always available We have all 3 Wonders Come and join the fun, search for Silver Kings and hit request to join We have just had another top 3 finish in the league.
  4. Patch 1.15

    I am being matched with much higher levels, nothing near my level appears when searching for battles, not worth attacking any more, not only that I am attacked by players with 1000+ crowns, now down to 124 crowns somebody needs to get the matchmaking sorted (PRE 1.15) at least I had a fighting chance, it seems to be getting worse, I suppose I will just have to sit here and watch instead of playing, no chance to collect goods to upgrade they just get taken !!!!!!
  5. Patch 1.15

    I have the same problem, if higher players can attack me why don't I get lower castles to attack when I battle, the formula is screwed since the patch
  6. Patch 1.15

    Matchmaking is totally screwed, I am always attacked by much higher players yet when I try to attack I am no longer given even or lower players they are all higher (windows 10)
  7. Patch 1.15

    Silver Kings Alliance has never kicked any one out, no min, search us and click request to join, we are here for the fun
  8. Patch 1.15

  9. Patch 1.15

    Since 1.15, matchmaking is totally screwed, before the patch 80% were an even match, since the patch only 5% even the rest are a much higher level !!!!