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  1. Clyder84

    A goodbye.

    I’m so happy because today, I found my friends they’re in my head. The enemy is fear, we think it is hate: but it is fear.
  2. Clyder84

    A goodbye.

    Since the forum still open I want to officially say good bye to everyone in this game, it’s been a pleasure to meet all of you, let’s keep on going with our life’s and make some trouble some where else. SIEGE ON!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll be waiting for the end at Valhalla Clyder84
  3. Clyder84


    I can’t see the pictures
  4. Clyder84

    Final Thank You

    Panda you delivered good customer service trough forums, I really appreciated farewell pandita
  5. Clyder84

    The Highest I Can Go...

    Congrats @Bueuk, you did awesome effort, it was a pleasure played with you last league, I can see my name in number 5 by the way, congrats again brother hope we can meet somewhere again.
  6. Well, I’m not sad because finally I will be free, I will enjoy life without be worried about play a game, I guess I will miss all my dear friends and I will keep playing till last day, I have plenty gold to give away, FAREWELL CASTLE SIEGE!!!!,!,!,!
  7. Clyder84

    This Blows!

    Hello, this situation is very uncomfortable, I can’t revenge because the few player wich I can revenge either have few crowns or have updated the game and update is not available for iOS yet, the system show me a message that I can not revenge at the moment try again later, and y believe it will be the same on mm I will not find castles who update, so I’m totally screwed, more zombies for me, I can not open the game as well on my android device by the way, do I’m screwed totally screwed...
  8. I have the update in my App Store but haven’t use it seems to be causing trouble on android devices can you check on this @Baroness Von Panda
  9. Tell me if I’m wrong Reserve force give you 6 slots, but 2 times only giving me 5 slots, normally when I get a trebuchet I get a food soldier as well, but lately only a trebuchet only, any body else?
  10. Clyder84


    Happy birthday
  11. I want to congratulate a awesome player, I have the pleasure to meet his game tag is: IXHSLY767TK, he currently holding 16,086 crowns, which in modern crown system is the new record, please shootout this amazing player and recognizes his efforts, he also will keep rising his crowns till the end of the league. CONGRATS!!!!!
  12. Clyder84

    B von P is going on vacation! 3-8th Oct

    Ian assuming for you panda pic, that you going to the beach you going to get sunburned does pandas get sunburned anyway?
  13. Clyder84


    Super League in AoE ToP 50. Here is a news for all siegers a Super league is Organizing by Hunter01234 where can Participate only good players Crown Required at the end of league are 9k + and at the end of the league, winner will get alliance emperor ship as reward permanently. Here will join about 20 ToP Alliances Emperors and all top players, other information you can see in alliance announcements What’s App #: 923014341748 Alliance Name: AoE ToP 50 Emperot name: Hunter01234 Date Start League: 28 Sep 2018 to 12 Oct.
  14. Clyder84

    In Memory of The Treasure we lost....

    I was shocked, when I heard about this terrible loss, we will miss you... R.I.P. Treasure Hunter™ You will always live in our
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