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  1. Fahad Heaven

    Update from Smoking Gun Interactive

    Well a suggestion to MS or SGI.. either one of them buy it or just leave it. As soon as one acquires the right of the castle siege. Updates will flow. New things will come up. New ideas etc. New players and so called you will get more money. This game is the best compared to others. Please think on it and let it go. P.S. Kids can stay in peace with only sound parent. Whether it's mom or dad. Just let it go for the future of the game. Don't spoil the fun eh...
  2. League is as usual nothing much.. Devs please make this game better @Baroness Von Panda Ask the Devs to give it a good remixed version. We r waiting
  3. Fahad Heaven

    Where are the AoE:CS Veterans?

    Hi Dariakus Hi feller
  4. Fahad Heaven

    Where are the AoE:CS Veterans?

    Hi Dave Hi kicho
  5. Fahad Heaven

    Where are the AoE:CS Veterans?

    Great to see all of u. Holla all Aoe:Amigos
  6. Veterans just say hi.. guys missed you all..
  7. Fahad Heaven

    Qestion to the old timers

    Hmm .. this is Alumni meet.. which batch mate. Hehe
  8. Fahad Heaven

    Community Changes

    Love u dear.. Will miss u.. Can we have a date @Tim Hortons. I will get you a Boston Cream with Iced Caps. Hehe. Love you.
  9. Earl is talking about getting rid of crown addiction. Well he should have left my keep, if he wasn't interested in crowns. Hehe. Well earl next time tresspassers will be persecuted. Beware of Mamluks and Knights.
  10. Fahad Heaven

    Quotes You Love

    I always keep that proverbs written.. Really like them. It keeps u motivated. Thanks for the appreciation brother.
  11. Fahad Heaven

    Quotes You Love

    Here is mine.. Throw a lucky man into the sea, and he will come up with a fish in his mouth. (Arabic Proverb) He whom you think is Moses, turns out to be Pharaoh. (Egyptian Proverb) “The best answer will come from the person who is not angry". “ What is destined will reach you, even if it be underneath two mountains. What is not destined, will not reach you, even if it be between your two lips! ”— Arabian Proverb
  12. Sponsor me.. I Guess. I will bring the best..
  13. Fahad Heaven

    Looking for Wonder Donations help

    Guys our 81% task is done. Please contribute some Food. We need to complete ASAP. If u have any Excess food please donate in... ALLIANCE NAME: PMRi Veterans. Alliance is open. Anyone can come and donate. Thanks and I appreciate your contribution. Please come and Drop some food Donations.
  14. Well you can check out Prequel.. 2h49mns before Season ended.. We were #2.. Hehe @Smashing Gnat All the best. Bro for your league. I am keeping an eye .
  15. Yep my dear Brother. It was *** of a ride Peru wasn't giving up constantly knocking off us @ #2. Their top player had 10k and other top2 had 7500k ea. Well last hr was ours. Guys brought in 1500+ crowns. Well I hold 8500+ Thanks to all the players. Who didn't gave up. Constant fighting was On. It was worth playing this one. It was a whole Team effort. All of them brought in 21000 crowns in these days. Well we had 7-8 players zombified too. But managed to get through it. Team members were the best... Who kept on breathing till last second of the League. Thanks for the Wishes Guys.