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  1. Hi Fik how are thing? [laugh] I've moved onto play War Dragons - awesome!!!! No more hours of nexting LOL!

    1. Bueuk


      Still playing. Mostly farming, hunting and mix 'n match battle. Not at intense level anymore since I'm playing online mahjong regularly. :D

      how are you?

  2. RecklessViking

    Some amazing castles

    Thanks guys for reviving this thread. This should be pinned!
  3. Same here! Intervention will be needed tomorrow! Would an alcoholic brag being back on the gargle?
  4. RecklessViking

    Castle Siege Memes

    This should be part of parenting prep
  5. RecklessViking

    Castle Siege Memes

    When your storage is full and you've been staring at your keep now for 7 days waiting to upgrade to Age 10...still no gold sale... So you have to stare at it another 3 days...
  6. RecklessViking

    Castle Siege Memes

    LOL! Yeah I just burned my apples and stone. No point keeping them sitting there for 2 weeks! Finally upgraded those purples in case they get exciting in A10
  7. RecklessViking

    Share your success in the Leagues here

    Best finish line sprint ever! Love it!
  8. RecklessViking

    Share your success in the Leagues here

    Great job! Love you guys!!!
  9. RecklessViking

    Share your success in the Leagues here

    My little baby Age 6 keep won the Knight League. Was good fun tackling that Age 8-9 competition My Age 9 dropped to number 2. But delighted of having finished at 5000. I am now in the Duke League for the first time ever. Wasn't really crown hunting until the end. I spent this league max-upgrading 3 canon towers, Musket and 2 catapults. So pretty delighted and surprised about that.... I know it's not a big deal for most hot shots here. But it's my first time...gotta start somewhere...but now will probably dump my crowns for Age 10 like all those other 0 crown Duke players I encountered all day today in matchmaking...
  10. RecklessViking

    Group Hug Thread

    When you next for ages and finally find decent crowns, win 400 crowns breaking your new crown threshold, log off an within minutes get attacked and turns out you've been 100%ed and lost 500 crowns again ...
  11. RecklessViking

    Code of Conduct

    I see that others have spotted that revenge exploit user in the top five... tsk tsk....
  12. I see that you're and Emperor so I can understand the reluctance. But I know plenty of Emperors who go visit other alliances just to say hi or drop those excess resources to help other alliances finish their wonder. It's good fun and it feels god to help out. You just need to make sure you have a trusted Lord who can take your title while you pop out. Ask @Not Your Mom for some creative gaming. Their alliance has fun mini games such as 'no hero week' or 'siegeless attack week' etc