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  1. Why do they play?

    I am one of them. I occasionally drop the crowns of an Age 10 alt account to zero. One reason is that I need stone. I also wanted to be of use in the league: The alliance has less crowns and can play in a certain league. It is also fun to win all the crowns back which is quite easy. Forgot to say: I mostly lose with 20% and get one key. As I can do that quite often, I can usually open all chests and get lots of gold.
  2. Building Teams

    That's a misunderstanding! 50 members is the maximum an alliance can have, no matter how many crowns the emperor has. So kick the ones that are inactive and invite new ones. If you are looking for new members, read the PM thread I included you in.
  3. Isso e um erro

    Google: My cell phone is not loading the game. Definitely better 3 times The last comment was added to the first post. Chuggles, we posted it simultaneously
  4. They are installed automatically. Just checked it: the last one on April16.
  5. Building Teams

    And read your PMs. Do you know how to do this?
  6. Same old blues again: error message and can't log in (Win8.1)
  7. can't sign in

    The same Xbox problem as previously. Can't log in on my 8.1 PC.
  8. Question: No Retaliation

    Yes, some of us do!
  9. Everyone must open the wall and gate

    Will do! But everyone must transfer 2000 $ to my bank account first. I will PM you my account number. Goofy checks NOT accepted!
  10. Man! Have you read again what you wrote in your post? You didn't do it under the influence of illicit substances, did you? What's going on in your head?
  11. Easter gift

  12. error 0x803F8001 has returned.

    Wasn't there a server maintainance? And won't the devs be on Easter vacation? I wouldn't be surprised if we are going to face a bigger problem with logging in. I have to start the game twice before I an load it.
  13. This game is sooo flawed!

    Well, you could of course stop playing this game. It is flawed, yes. But this is all you will ever get. If you find a better game, please let me know! Until then I will play this one here!
  14. 4 days no hit

    Consider how long they have played. I maxed out my main account and there is nothing much to do. But I have played for something like 3 years. No wonder it gets a bit boring. But have it your way: the glass is half empty. For me there is still enough beer left in the glass! Another pint, please!