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  1. Ragnar Sigurdson

    Important decision

    Eat them and you get the Cardinal's troops for free!
  2. Ragnar Sigurdson

    Alter Account

    wie können die Daten verloren gegangen sein? Hast du das Kennwort für dein Microsoft-Konto vergessen? Und wie hattest du dich angemeldet; über xbox oder MS? Habe gerade gesucht: Dein Account heißt becke 1981 mit Leertaste vor der Jahreszahl.
  3. Ragnar Sigurdson

    Happy Anniversary!!!!

    Cassandra would be more appropriate!
  4. Ragnar Sigurdson

    Crown Award Fairness

    How many crowns does your opponent have and how many have you got? And with how many stars did you win? If both of you have won with 1 star and you have more crowns than him the result you described would be according to the rules.
  5. Ragnar Sigurdson

    Does anyone play this game??

    Find yourself a nice alliance with helpful people.
  6. Ragnar Sigurdson


    Wow! Big words! Yes, divide the world into good and bad. Is your first name Donald?
  7. Ragnar Sigurdson

    bug installed by high level players

    Frankly: I don't know either. How do you make them if not with the keep?
  8. Ragnar Sigurdson

    bug installed by high level players

    I don't know whether this is helpful. I must confess that I keep forgetting how these gates are made (there are more important things in life to remember) So I use this source of information if I want to construct new ones.
  9. Ragnar Sigurdson

    Where is the Conrad

    Where oh where is Our Conrad Elderly? Where oh where is that gallant man? He is gone to organize the ramrush, that all the crowns they might yet be free!
  10. Ragnar Sigurdson

    Alliance Member can attack Alliance Member !

    All is fair in love and war!
  11. A shotgun might help. No need to kill them, they usually fly away because of the noise.
  12. Ragnar Sigurdson

    Is top player done with the game?

    This game would be a lot better without these "heroes" who are either under peace treaty or online for 8 hours. They seem to attack just anybody who has a couple of crowns. I can revenge almost all players under 3k crowns. More than 3k and the spacebar of their keyboards seems to be broken.
  13. Ragnar Sigurdson

    Fan of the No.1 Player

    Something happened to the spacebar of his keyboard!
  14. Ragnar Sigurdson

    Fan of the No.1 Player

    You wouldn't want to live a life like that: 8 hours of battles. And he does that at opposite times of the day, an alliance mate checked it. He attacked me for 11 crowns!