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    No one takes the real teutonic knights from AoE2's avatar without permission! Yarrr! Well, and King Sancho, of course.
  2. Have you ever forgotten your heroes?

    Oh, h.ell yeah, everyday! On my alt I've been forgetting them 2 weeks straight. Yesterday I had an awesome Conrad attack with my normal troop setup. I only change the troops for Conrad, so I'm wondering how I can fail in remembering so often. You had one job. But anyway, if you ever feel like you have memory loss, remember that there are a few others like @mmali386 and @Ayda the Great who have serious memory problems; no matter how often you remind them that heroes exist, they seem to have forgotten how to select them or something, because they go on battle without them regardless. So yeah, don't worry! You're safe!
  3. Go Fund me!

    @Septerror43 shame on you!
  4. the 'TERRORDOME'... solution to noob ramrushers :D

    I'm at 7 defenses, and only 1 of them has hit me with Conrad!!! This is bogus, a conspiracy against me; before it was 9/10 ConRammers, and now it's 1/7, clearly cheating, I think they have a program that allows them to change their heroes during attack, so FAKE!!!!!!!!!! @Baroness Von Panda when are you going to punish these cheaters?? Oh, and I want my crowns back or some sort of compensation; let's see, how about we start off with 100000 gold so I can speed up Conrad 40 times a day for 13 days?
  5. the 'TERRORDOME'... solution to noob ramrushers :D

    Looks fun to hit with Martel from the bottom. The gates, though! I think you should name it Microsoft, instead. Get it? Because Bill Gates invented it? ... ... -goes and kills himself.-
  6. Your Revenge Story

    Sorry for that... I don't know why these links keep cracking...
  7. Your Revenge Story

    Reverse revenge. I got him first in MM, and he/she hit me back. Blind revenge! Just pressed the button for fun, and I got in! (...please don't bully me because I used Conrad on the second one... )
  8. Crash Issues with 1.25 - Peace Treaties Available

    Please add TheSilverZealot too.
  9. Castle Siege Memes

    An oldie... But more now than ever: YOU AFTER NEXTING HUNDREDS OF TIMES IN A ROW (...The reason I chose this image? Well, apart from the obvious (a dude screaming his lungs out), we can see some zombie-like figures in the back-- these represent the zombie keeps. Furthermore, you can see how the guy in the foreground is withering too-- that's you after experiencing this a a few times. That's right, you'll zombie out too...)
  10. Castle Siege Memes

    Aw, snap! Let me try again: Thanks for reaching out!
  11. Castle Siege Memes

    Please don't ask who did this; we all know. Thumbs up to the one of the most original guys out there. ( can see it in the top right corner if you don't...)
  12. Idle Soldiers - The Comics

    This is why nobody likes you guys!! Thanks to @Septerror43 for doing this battle-- He always gets the funniest material. (...ignore that "are" in the second picture...)
  13. I just realised I didn't post here. ((Did I?)) Forum name: TheSilverZealot Main account: TheSilverZealot Alt. Age VII (nay, I ain't upgradin' that un! Long live Age VII!): TheBronzeZealot. Next alt: TheWoodenZe-- okay I'm just kidding, nevermind. "Is there a GoldenZealot?" NO! That would mean that account would have to be better, and I don't have that confidence. Otherwise it would just look like some guy who calls himself a**kicker and only uses ConRamtel to 1 star people (yeah, this guy exists, but for privacy reasons I'm omitting the gamer tag ) Alliance: TheSilverZealot is at AgE. TheBronzeZealot is hovering between the beginner alliance of a friend called AcE (green sword shield) and visiting a lot of alliances: he's had some oranges, some Marvel character, some ruins, and now he's chilling in a band with one of our most iconic players around! (tip: his name starts by "T" and finishes in "he JohnnyBang", hope this helps you solve the riddle! ). Location: "I Come From Nowhere." ... by Frank Zappa. Just kidding. Currently living in Catalonia, Spain. Yeah, with all that independence stuff surely you heard about?!
  14. Hello Castle Siegers...

    While I appreciate the idea, I would never give personal info publicly. There are a lot of creative people out there, just saying. Also, @Wicked Wulf made a similar thread a long time ago, but without having to spill any unnecessary info about yourself. I suggest you check that one out if you want to know about the rest, and maybe post your info there! I believe it was called "CAN EVERYONE STOP FOR A FAST BIT OF INFO", or something like that. Good luck!
  15. Alliance Time 750+ Days - Share Your Stats!

    Almost all loses are because of the connection errors we had before. Also a few WP bugs, like screen doing nothing else than zooming in/out on every command, and game crashes.