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  1. TheSilverZealot

    Where are the AoE:CS Veterans?

    *does his best to remember the game* Nope.
  2. TheSilverZealot

    the 'TERRORDOME'... :D

    I'm at 7 defenses, and only 1 of them has hit me with Conrad!!! This is bogus, a conspiracy against me; before it was 9/10 ConRammers, and now it's 1/7, clearly cheating, I think they have a program that allows them to change their heroes during attack, so FAKE!!!!!!!!!! @Baroness Von Panda when are you going to punish these cheaters?? Oh, and I want my crowns back or some sort of compensation; let's see, how about we start off with 100000 gold so I can speed up Conrad 40 times a day for 13 days?
  3. TheSilverZealot

    the 'TERRORDOME'... :D

    Looks fun to hit with Martel from the bottom. The gates, though! I think you should name it Microsoft, instead. Get it? Because Bill Gates invented it? ... ... -goes and kills himself.-
  4. TheSilverZealot

    Castle Siege Memes

    An oldie... But more now than ever: YOU AFTER NEXTING HUNDREDS OF TIMES IN A ROW (...The reason I chose this image? Well, apart from the obvious (a dude screaming his lungs out), we can see some zombie-like figures in the back-- these represent the zombie keeps. Furthermore, you can see how the guy in the foreground is withering too-- that's you after experiencing this a a few times. That's right, you'll zombie out too...)
  5. TheSilverZealot

    Castle Siege Memes

    Aw, snap! Let me try again: Thanks for reaching out!
  6. TheSilverZealot

    Castle Siege Memes

    Please don't ask who did this; we all know. Thumbs up to the one of the most original guys out there. ( can see it in the top right corner if you don't...)
  7. I just realised I didn't post here. ((Did I?)) Forum name: TheSilverZealot Main account: TheSilverZealot Alt. Age VII (nay, I ain't upgradin' that un! Long live Age VII!): TheBronzeZealot. Next alt: TheWoodenZe-- okay I'm just kidding, nevermind. "Is there a GoldenZealot?" NO! That would mean that account would have to be better, and I don't have that confidence. Otherwise it would just look like some guy who calls himself a**kicker and only uses ConRamtel to 1 star people (yeah, this guy exists, but for privacy reasons I'm omitting the gamer tag ) Alliance: TheSilverZealot is at AgE. TheBronzeZealot is hovering between the beginner alliance of a friend called AcE (green sword shield) and visiting a lot of alliances: he's had some oranges, some Marvel character, some ruins, and now he's chilling in a band with one of our most iconic players around! (tip: his name starts by "T" and finishes in "he JohnnyBang", hope this helps you solve the riddle! ). Location: "I Come From Nowhere." ... by Frank Zappa. Just kidding. Currently living in Catalonia, Spain. Yeah, with all that independence stuff surely you heard about?!
  8. TheSilverZealot

    CODA Chat

    Hi, peeps from the CODA group! I'm SZ, and played with CM and a few others some time ago. Nice to meet y'all, if I haven't yet.
  9. TheSilverZealot


    I figured this might not have been the most convincing example around. Hence, I looked for a high-crowner semi-tribute keep, which I finally got sight of early July. It is the following replay: I added some general advice as I could (via tablet), from there the horrendous quality. I also added some music and invented lyrics ***ing to the battle. I hope you get something out of it.
  10. TheSilverZealot


    Glad you liked it! I never play the game sound; always my music. Was all head over Iron Maiden when I made that; actually wanted to make one with The Phantom of The Opera or Rime Of The Ancient Mariner, but those songs are so long! And I can't bring it over my heart to cut out any parts. I kind of can see you liked the music more than the replay, though.
  11. TheSilverZealot


    I'm not sure if I may help as well, but here goes: HOW TO BEAT EASILY ANY SEMI-TRIBUTE ONLY WITH MARTEL: 1.- Take the back door: people tend to protect the keep too much, leaving the back door wide open. Use this as an advantage, even if you have to attack from up. 2.- Open a wide hole (6-8) in the first layer of walls to easily let your meat shield run around. 3.- Be sure you don't activate the WS before you're sure you can take it out before the 30s run out. 4.- Use Martel ONLY once your trebs are in range of the second layer of defenses, or if your trebs are being shot. Also, do not activate him unnecessarily. You can let him rest on a wall until your trebs are in range of the defending towers. Run him around to keep him alive, and DO NOT merge him with other units (because of the towers' splash damage). Follow this, and he should last his 4 hits and take you to the last tower. 5.- Look out for those darn corner buildings. 6.- Don't panic if you lose trebs. Usually 3 are enough. You have Nevsky (or Winrich) as back-up: don't let him into battle unless you're sure you need him, as he's just another thing you need to look out for. The less things you need to control, the higher your chances. Here's how I do it: *Yes, it is an easy keep. Yes, it is not pushed in a corner. Yes, it is not perfect. But it applies for any semi-tribute. Please note that I made some of the mistakes I stated above. However, Martel is so powerful that you can allow yourself to make some mistakes. **And forgive me for smashing walls. It's become a routine.
  12. TheSilverZealot

    AoE:CS Poetry Corner

    One after one, by the heat of the sun too quick for any 'creaaack' or 'ka-blam' Each turned its proyectiles with a ghastly pang and cursed me and every single ram Four times five maxed towers (and I heard no 'ka-blam' nor 'creaaack') With heavy thump, a towerless lump they get smashed down, one by one. [CONRAD THE ELDER (2014-?)]
  13. TheSilverZealot

    AoE:CS Poetry Corner

    Years pass and still the same Conrad in our mix, some things never change Fighting for crowns and the devs' gain Worsen your life, justify our pain The end is knocking The end is knocking [Chorus:] We've all been using Conrad for most of our AoE:CS life (Conrad for most of our AoE:CS life) Everywhere we turn more rams surround us And yet we preach about which attack is wrong or right (which attack is wrong or right) Just to get some extra likes in this forum site How many crowns will we take How many keeps destined to break Nowhere to run, can't escape Full of ourselves, tied to Conrad, our mate The end is knocking The end is knocking, yeah [Chorus] With peace of mind so hard to find We creep up the LBs, without putting up a fight Another way to numb our mind And as you close your eyes tonight and pray for a defensive win you'll see your crowns flying helplessly away [Chorus]
  14. TheSilverZealot

    AoE:CS Poetry Corner

    AGE X Welcome to the Age-X tall It takes some time to show you around Impossible to break these walls For you see they are as black as coal Golden tops to fend off attackers Extra towers to turtle your keep Possibly you've maxed out too much Maybe it's time for a break as such Absolutely no new inventory Continuous red logs, I'm getting sick ConRamination is the story Even yellow-Beli'ed, cut me some slack The defensive-buff in Age-X Two words combined that can't make sense Possibly you've maxed out too much Maybe it's time for a break as such P.S. Couldn't find a better video... Sigh, smartphones.
  15. TheSilverZealot

    Music.........New & Old.......Part 2 :-)

    Hiya, @Septerror43 I've seen this thread a couple of times, but it's hard to find songs on youtube that are available, so I never bothered posting... But since you invited me... And mentioned "Hey you"... Here you have it I'm pretty hooked on Megadeth again lately; these songs really bring me the chills: "Killing Is My Business... And Business Is Good!"; Killing Is My Business... And Business Is Good! (1985): "Wake Up Dead"; Peace Sells... But Who's Buying? (1986): "Holy Wars... The Punishment Due"; Rust In Peace (1990): "Tornado Of Souls"; Rust In Peace (1990): "Seven"; Risk (1999): "Washington Is Next!"; United Abominations (2007): "44 Minutes"; Endgame (2009): Here're some other awesome ones: "Riders On The Storm" and "Roadhouse Blues", from The Doors: "Achilles Last Stand"; Presence (1976), from Led Zeppelin: "Lust For Life" and "The Passenger"; Lust For Life (1977), from Iggy Pop: "Jailbreak"; Live & Dangerous (1978), from Thin Lizzy: "Breaking The Law"; British Steel (1980), from Judas Priest: "My Michelle"; Appetite for Destruction (1987), from Guns 'n Roses: "Monkey Business"; Slave To The Grind (1991): "Bullet In The Head"; Rage Against the Machine: ... And I think I'll stop for a while before someone becomes blind scrolling down.