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    I'd like to say, where people still live by Honor and Respect.....but i'd be lying, that place now only exists in my mind....
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    Kicking Butt and taking names.......

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  1. GhengisKhan1981


    fun to mess with you
  2. GhengisKhan1981


    ? care to elaborate?
  3. GhengisKhan1981


    well done @Alternanthera lmfao i have bird houses on my city property where we have got the most beautiful wild birds that took them up for their houses, but for the past couple of years.......cats come and kill off the birds at night. I dunno who's cats they are or where they come from, but they don't actually eat the birds(so, they're not hungry) they just kill them. THIS, is why i hate cats and @SeaPetals , i don't give them a bad rap! They make themselves hated by their behavior. I have, literally thousands of animals including buck(various), zebra, lion, giraffe etc. etc. on my farm and i have a great love and respect for even the smallest little lizards, even spiders don't get killed in my house(they just get a ride outside on top of the broom lol ), but ways. I don't like them and never will!!!
  4. GhengisKhan1981


    see...... pure evil in those eyes!
  5. GhengisKhan1981

    Goodbye to my friends... and the rest of you :p

    Bly te kenne my ou maat. Jy is een van min....... Hoop jou alles van die beste toe vir die toekoms, dit was baie lekker om jou te leer ken
  6. Hi Ghengis,  how are you?  "Your body"  is it healing well?  Its good to see and say hi to you! 

    1. GhengisKhan1981


      doing well thanks and you?

    2. SeaPetals


      I'm well,  busy.  Are you still tinkering?

    3. GhengisKhan1981


      i am always busy taking stuff apart and rebuilding, yes. gives me great joy to work with my hands....

  7. GhengisKhan1981


    solution : get rid of the cat!!!!! those nasty rat *** are no good for no one or nothing!!!! your poor pup is sick from the cat poo, the vet will tell you the same......the stuff is absolutely toxic!
  8. Image result for saying hello and hope your body is mending well.

  9. GhengisKhan1981


    thank you alt. i found it during the course of the day, will be in contact soon. i also issue a challenge to everyone : donate to these organizations, whatever you can put together, even if it's only $5 everyone jumps to help the "big name" organizations and that's OK, but ppl like Nikki need a lot of help even though they never ask for it
  10. GhengisKhan1981


    Nikki Is an absolute hero!!!! How would one reach her to assist with her charity?
  11. GhengisKhan1981


    you need to provide mops for all readers of posts like heart is in a puddle on the floor over the story of Felon the pitbull
  12. (sorry, I couldn't help myself)

  13. GhengisKhan1981

    Shout Out - To Players & Forum Members We Miss...

    lmfao!!!!!!! best analogy for us dumb saps still hanging very, very sad lmfao!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. GhengisKhan1981

    Shout Out - To Players & Forum Members We Miss...

    @Dudeist Priest @peenyween @skh812 @Something Gross actually too many to mention! So, so disappointed in MS!!!!!!!
  15. GhengisKhan1981

    Cool Historical Shi... er... "Stuff"

    read two stories when i was a kid that has always stuck with me.......relevant to your second video. * a Russian fighter ended up in the red cross hospital, riddled with bullets and he should actually be dead, but never the less he is hanging on, at which point the nurse says to him "it's ok, you can let'll be in a better place" to which he answers "i promised my dad that i'd kill at least 100 Germans before i go" the nurse answered "i saw you out there on the front must have killed 500 of them" at which point the Russian soldier released his last breath. * a British captain was on the front lines at the battle of Monte Cassino at the time of his birthday. His son longed for his father and really wanted to wish him a happy birthday, so he traveled through the ranks of the enemy, over the battle field and to his father on the other side, gave him a hug and a fresh bread roll and then returned home the same way he came. i have no idea if these stories are true or not, but they sure are Rambo'esk
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