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  1. Wicked Wulf

    Is Conrad the only hero everyone uses?

    There is a few more.....but this quote of yours will do for now lol Sorry but I have trouble doing a double quote in here since last forum update.....but a pic will do :-))
  2. Wicked Wulf

    It's almost Saturday afternoon/night

    Am I one of the COPs? hmmm yeah right lol IMO there were a few things that they did not fix......or add.....that ruined the game for me. There were also a few that helped push the forum into the black hole......it is what it is. If they can't even give out a simple gold sale or anything at all for their OWN game anniversary.....that says A LOT....enjoy it while it is here, nothing lives forever.... **I just wanted to add to the happiness and cheer in here lol
  3. Wicked Wulf

    Does anyone play this game??

    Matt you are such a beacon of hope and light for those in the dark .....oh wait lol
  4. Wicked Wulf

    It's almost Saturday afternoon/night

    Only if you plan on doing it VERY drunk.....otherwise......it's just not the same lmao Ohhh and remember to bash Conram often of course...... That is SERIOUSLY the MOST I have seen you WRITE in YEARS lmao hugs Nut
  5. SOME people always blame the kids huh? lol Hope all is well with you and yours Andy....... Tell son he needs more purple lol Ask @recycle ar
  6. Wicked Wulf

    Join 20+ alliances on Discord

    @PleasedClown463 I joined discord.....just for you baby lmao
  7. Wicked Wulf

    How to play 2 or more campaigns

    I have tried several times to copy and paste the info here.........with no luck since the last forum update. Go to FAQ......and scroll all the way to bottom and you will see it. Ok Andy got it....no idea why I have such a hard time copying stuff in here anymore.......it is only in this forum.
  8. Hey Hey babe.....what's shaking? How is SA now? I have heard lots of bad news lately? Hope you and yours are ok Sadly this is now my son's favorite expression..........grrrr Everything is cool af, awesome af, hot af, hungry af......omg I have failed as a parent lol
  9. Wicked Wulf

    How to play 2 or more campaigns

    lol most of us that have played for a while have SEVERAL accounts.......when you start over with the knowledge you have now.....its a whole new game. There are instructions for adding a new account in the FAQ section.......it is not hard........especially if you do it through X box....you will need a new email account. Good Luck
  10. Glad you are doing good and playing something somewhere lol I play a few other games......some of them have been around for years also......and they ALL give out new updates monthly, new content...new events, new battles and new promotions, decorations and packages. While I know all good things usually come to an end.......this game had more potential than most......and they just disappeared. Even if they have a TINY dev team now.......they could do something, but they don't......it is actually pretty rare in the game world to just drop something without a grand FINAL ending. They left this one HALF finished and walked away..
  11. Wicked Wulf

    You Make This Game Suck

    Sorry but even if someone is using the keyboard trick to stay online......NOTHING gets you past the 8 hour bucket, if they used it while at work.....it will throw them into MM the minute their bucket time is up........so either you missed him coming online and refilling his bucket......or you were actually not online the whole time either. A player CAN come online for 30 min to an hour at a time.......gain that time back into bucket and play and do it all over again all day.
  12. Wicked Wulf

    bug installed by high level players

    Well, I agree some new to the forum have gotten a rough shake......... BUT others come in with rude riding their backs and instead of a polite question or convo they start making claims that things are impossible (that are not impossible) and they call the majority cheaters right off the bat.....When ppl always assume it is a cheat or bug just because they don't know how to do something......it is hard to help or reason with them. They are just asking for a rude response back...lol. What do you suggest that would make them calmer and others more polite?
  13. This is far from a new issue.......It has been a complaint for a long time.......sorry to break the news to you but if you are talking about the space bar debacle, the devs have stated since no program is used THEY DO NOT CONSIDER IT CHEATING lol. Several of us do consider it a cheat.........but it is what it is. The main point is........they either can't stop it or won't.......so just play with what you have or don't play......pretty simple. Revenge if you can get it......if not MOVE ON.....frustration and anger do nothing. HI ANDY...............HUGS DUDE Tell us what all you have been up to? What games are you playing these days? Take care and Miss you Miss you too @InflamedNut2 Hope all is well with you both
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