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  1. Wicked Wulf

    This game isn't fair to all players

    You want revenge battles to be active for only those in an alliance?
  2. Wicked Wulf

    What happened to the United India alliance ?

    OMG if it isn't the lost Playa......how have you been? I did miss you, recycle and Mali Hugs
  3. Wicked Wulf

    Hold Ground or Guard Command on Attack

    Thank you Kind Sir...... :-))
  4. Wicked Wulf

    I hear so many waiting for Sale

    lol such a bad boy
  5. Wicked Wulf


    This is basically a Recruitment page for an alliance......will be moved to alliance pages......I will leave the link. Good Luck lol Oh maybe I will let it stay here for a while......just out of curiosity
  6. Wicked Wulf

    Hold Ground or Guard Command on Attack

    Because they want you to have to control several units at once? A Live attack doesn't have AI to take over the game and play for us like other games........you have to learn to do it all lol. Good Luck
  7. Wicked Wulf


    You might want to add this to the thread for suggestions.......where others have been suggesting all of these same things and more for years lol Welcome to the forum & Good Luck
  8. Wicked Wulf

    So on my age 10 alt account

    And here I thought I might have missed something new lol.......
  9. Well, we can all dream, right? lol It is sad to see people requesting things we requested years ago......how do you tell them there is no Santa? lol
  10. Wicked Wulf


    We all learn as we go....... The value of buildings changes due to what is built and how upgraded it is......if someone doesn't build all they can.....then those buildings they have, have much greater value in an attack.......so that value is not set in stone. The priority of buildings to protect change with each new age Castle lol.....of course Watch Signal - if taken out no troops will come to your defense. Barracks (if they are dead they can't defend right? And they do regenerate troops lol) Patrol points.....If they are outside of walls, troops can be dropped on them directly. Towers, treb and any defense..........I usually keep my watch signal and barracks or treb close to the fire tower. Stone if you have it In younger ages.....when you age up...you will try to protect stone fiercely as it is needed in mass quantities. Only in younger ages do protect my pedants because they are needed in mass quantities (school and church) and very popular sniping target. As you age up pendants lose value because you no longer need them or because you have too many... Camps, military buildings and all resource production gets last space for protection....but I will protect a farm over a military building. Watch a replay....pay attention to the % going up based on what is attacked. All of this is in the FAQ section.....lots of reading and chart breakdowns. Good Luck
  11. We all do understand and get what you want and what you are suggesting. Everything you have suggested has been asked for, hundreds of times for years......if they are no longer developing the game......there is no new changes or new content......in other words, it ISN'T going to happen lol.......doesn't matter how we phrase it or wish for it. We all know what would be great.....what would work and what would help........sorry but many of us stopped asking for nice things ages ago lol
  12. Not sure what age you are.......but filling watch signals is very important to your teammates......if several are often out....build troops you would normally use in battle (highest level horses only) and use them and replace........many times I have used my ready troop to fill a WS......and we often get stuck with WS troops and have to use them to battle. People that never donate troops get the boot....people that ask constantly for troops yet don't donate not only get the book.....they get smacked and banned lol You can see who your top donators are.....it is in the stat list..like crowns, battles and such......it will show who does and doesn't donate in the stats.....but many hop alliances to donate food or visit......then stats are reset to zero......so they are useful only on ppl that have been in alliance a while.
  13. Wicked Wulf

    FIFA World Cup

    Gee, I am soooo glad we have your permission lol While I am not a huge FIFA fan.....It would be nice to see the underdog Mexico take home the cup......I mean we all know Brazil needs a break lol
  14. Some alliances do this for wonders...to encourage others to donate as well.....but I agree, to have to state what and when you give troops is crazy and serves no purpose since it is already shown in the notifications! Sounds like your Emp is on a power trip lol, wanting to make players do things.....just because they said so lol