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  1. That would be a hart attack for someone who collects crowns
  2. And that’s why I am doing attack’s this way
  3. My army is much more mixed up 72 bowmen and any hero will do (most of time not used at all) resource robbing Is my tactic, one star will always do
  4. My strategy is resources orientated as I use 71 bowmen and any hero combination will do can make one star without hero at all after getting star I normally finish so can rebuild army of bowmen and go back to battle sometimes when I do revenge I add some rams so can destroy keep
  5. What’s getting on your nerves??

    What’s ur screen name will try to find u and have a look
  6. What’s getting on your nerves??

    Chat in my alliance been dead for ages lol
  7. What’s getting on your nerves??

    Got a mate who always talks about politics, even though u haven’t got a clue what he is talking about he never stops. WTF !!! Shut up I don’t care. Once I couldn’t keep my mouth shut and exploded. It worked he stopped talking to me lol.
  8. As this is general discussion thread we can write what really ***es u off. Not sure if anyone started it before but it may be good for reminding that we are only humans. Like now Black Friday. OMG why companies doing black Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday....... it meant to be friday not any other day. O god !!! Or maybe it should be grey Monday blue Tuesday and so on.... don’t get it. Thats my moan .. day drags very badly today
  9. Battle chest keys

  10. Battle chest keys

    Not too sure if that question been asked before: those keys u get during battle are they stack up so u can use them later like 2 days later or they reset alongside with chests after 24 hours??? Do not slag me off if this was asked before. Thanks.
  11. Crash Issues with 1.25 - Peace Treaties Available

    Funny ... all crashes happened on windows only. On iOS never happened and had quite few fights ..... or just me being lucky
  12. Crash Issues with 1.25 - Peace Treaties Available

    Thanks a lot Von panda for PT hope u and ur team sort issue very soon
  13. Crash Issues with 1.25 - Peace Treaties Available

    Hello still waiting for PT please can u grand me one as well been raided and when raid back it froze and closes game my name is Tommy 17 King thank u
  14. Crashing after 1.25 Update

    Hello still waiting for PT although I would prefer bug to be squashed instead my game id is Tommy 17 King thank u