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Harassment and Bullying Policy

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Hey everyone!

The Age of Empires community team has always been deeply committed to creating a safe and positive space where gamers of all types can get together and discuss their favorite games. Our channels, both in-game and out, are places where anyone should feel welcome.

Any form of harassment, bullying, or targeting members of our community goes directly against this commitment, and won't be tolerated on any Age of Empires platform. Disagreement and competition is a natural part of any community, but it's every member's responsibility to know the difference between healthy discussion and targeted harassment.

We have always had the following rule in our Code of Conduct, but haven't had to invoke it in quite some time:


Your actions on the forums can affect your in-game account. If you break any of the rules here on the forums, your in-game account can be banned, and vice versa. Follow the Rules!


To clarify a bit further: Any ban or timeout due to harassment from any Age of Empires platform—whether in-game or out—will result in a minimum of an equivalent ban from the others.


Once again, bullying and harassment are unequivocally unwelcome here, or anywhere within the Age of Empires community. We love the positivity that our players bring to this community, and we hope that this policy will serve to protect those players from the vocal few who choose to spread negativity online. 

Our goal is a safe and positive space for everyone to enjoy and discuss the Age games. You can help by hitting the report button any time you see toxic behavior like bullying or harassment. Thanks to everyone for helping make the whole community a better place!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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