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1 minute ago, Alternanthera said:

How long does it usually take for punitive measures to be imposed on players with offensive layouts? Specifically, players who feel nostalgic about the Third Reich and construct swastikas on their castle's lawn.

It often takes a few days.  If nothing happens after a while, send a private message to @Siege Wizard or @Plus2Joe.

However, please note that swastikas in and of themselves are not against the rules.  Lots of cultures, particularly many Asian cultures, use swastikas as religious symbols and have done so for thousands of years.  But, say, a swastika with a nearby german flag or a SS written with honor items, etc. would be grounds for swift and decisive action. 

If anyone is interested in the nuances of this discussion, please search the forum.  We've had long threads on this subject every few months since launch.

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2 hours ago, InflamedNut2 said:

Do not derail this thread... plenty of other places to make comments...

I had no interest in derailing this thread. I saw others asking questions and was asking a genuine question myself.

Now back to the question, yes or no?

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14 hours ago, Icecrane 123 said:

If I said little rocket man, will that be considered controversial or 'politics'??? [lol]

It would depend upon the context of the post. If the post was not political either directly or passively, or comment derogatory either directly or passively then I don't see an issue. Remember that the rules are not precise and the VCMs must use best judgement to keep the forum a friendly environment for all users. Doesn't mean that you cannot be critical of issues that concern you, it means that you should express those concerns in a way that can be beneficial for everyone.

If you feel that a post/thread is being overly/unfairly moderated please contact the Mod by Private Message or another Mod if you feel it would be better/easier.

The forums need to be a friendly environment for all users...

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12 hours ago, [ModEdit] said:

Most definitely, and usually get a sweet Lil message from whomever warns you also [lol]

Yes.....Mod Edit would know about this knowledge first hand......a few do lol

On ‎4‎/‎24‎/‎2018 at 6:08 PM, Krahe said:

Are people that receive warning points made aware that they received a warning point?


lol why did you do something bad? :ph34r:[lol][sneaky]

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