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In low ages, place a few infantry units on walls near to your emplacements and watch signal. They will protect it effectively from Ladder Invaders on their wall block and on the two around.

In higher ages Grenadiers are effective against cavalry and siege weapons, but they don't stop the Ladder Invaders.

Choose the hero combo you want to use in first place, then train an army that best match with it.

Display your outside buildings so that, they will extend the white zone surrounding the weakest part of your castle, and slow down the arrival of the enemy forces by this way. The white zone will remain after that the buildings are destroyed.

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When using Joan of Arc make sure that each Guard House and the Watch Signal have triggered by running around with a few scouts, then send her to convert massively when countdowns are over. If the watch signal is too far away use a single Ladder Men squad to run toward it.

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A little sneak peak of what the people of (Edit: While I appreciate the content, no more plugs for your alliance please)  is busy compiling for starter players.......... Props to @paleostats for starting us off on this awesome idea.

We have a long way to go before this is complete, but please feel free to comment, especially low age players who are new to the game....if you guys can share with us your experience and difficulties you have, so we can incorporate that into the final product, we would really appreciate [thumbup]

thanks in advance ;)

Troop Donation

1. Click on the arrow - see below picture


2. Click on the Alliance Shield


3. If the little helmet is lit up, you can donate

4. If it is not lit up, their watch signal is full

***Remember to only donate horses what your alliance allows -- Most alliances have rules set at the top of alliance screen for donations.  Horses take two slots. Donate only what your alliance allows -- ask the Emp or other members if you can donate.

Watch Signal & Relief Force

1. Below, the watch signal. When the fire is lit on the watch signal it is full, if not it is empty. This is helpful to remember when scouting an opponents empire to attack.....when the fire is not burning, your attack will be easier with less troops defending...


2. Click on your watch signal and then on the button below to view your relief force troops.


With the button below, you are able to request relief force troops from your alliance mates. Remember, do not request relief force troops when your watch signal is full or only has one slot open. ****Tip : horses take two slots and foot soldiers take one slot.


When you press to request relief troops, you go to the screen below where you hit ok -- you can edit the request message if needed.  There is an 1 hour waiting period between requesting relief troops.


Wonders & Boots

Where do I go to get a boost of a completed wonder ?

1. Click on the button below.


2. Then click the boost button below.


3. choose the Monument for the Wonder boost that your alliance has completed and purchase it. It will cost 200,000 Wood to purchase. Notice that the one's below are dark, this means that they are either not available or have already been purchased, when it is lit up, it can however be purchased.


Ok, so I have purchased my Wonder boost successfully, now what :

1. Go to the boost monument on your main screen.

no.1 in the illustration below are the boost monuments

no. 2 is where you go to activate your boost.

no 3. is the wonders button where you can go to check out all the different wonders and the research that needs to be done to complete them as well as what each of the wonders offer in terms of boost.


2. When you have clicked no. 2 on the above illustration, you will see the screen below.

See the difference between no. 1 and 2 in the below screen? As we have learned by now....when something is lit up like no. 1, it is available and when it is darkened like no. 2, it is not available. (means your alliance has not researched or completed this boost)

To purchase the Brace the Walls boost.........Click on it and purchase it


The boost will only last for so long before it has to be purchased again -- Remember to check your boost sporadically to reactivate it before the time runs out ;)


To Look at your Logs & Watch Your Replays

1.Press the button below to go to your defence and attack logs.


2. The next screen will open with your defence log visible. Therese are all the recent attacks that was made against your castle.

no.1 lit up shows that your defence log is active.

no. 2 is to play the replay of when this specific player attacked.


3. The button below is used to share the replay with your alliance members in the alliance chat section. This will re-direct you to a screen where you can edit the text sent describing the replay.


A few more things worth mention :

The big fist on the left is to revenge attack a player that has attacked you, You can revenge anyone that has attacked you one time - if they are not online or not on a PT = Peace Treaty.  Some times it takes more than one try to revenge someone in your log.

The castle button right above that allows you to visit the castle of the person who attacked you, so you have time to plan your revenge attack.

Realize that before you revenge....you can look at their castle live and plan your attack ......you can also watch other attacks in their defense logs to help you learn where traps are (if they don't move them) and you can see how other people attacked that castle.....with the revenge loop closed.......they can not come back and attack you after a revenge unless they find you in MM = match making again.

You will notice that some of these fists are darkened, this is because you can normally revenge the last 5 attacks in your log.

If you see a RED FIST in your log -- it was someone you had attacked in MM and they have revenged you -- you can not revenge that person.

Very important to your personal development in the game is to watch replays, this helps you learn other people's tactics as well as review your own attacks and pick up where you might have made mistakes and how to rectify those mistakes.


So, what's with this leagues thing everyone is on about???

Well, let's get you to where to find the leagues and explain along the way ;)

Click on the "social button" at the bottom right of your screen -- it looks like 3 stick figures, click the leaderboard button.


2. The next screen opens with the individual leagues visible.

This is the league that you personally are in.

no.1 shows that you are in Your empire's league.

no.2 is Your current standing in the league.


3. Click on no. 1 below to switch between the personal league and your alliance league.

no. 2 shows your alliance's standing in the leagues.


So, what is all this for?

Well, the personal league divides players with similar crown count together to battle and see who will be highest in crown count amongst them within a two week period that runs concurrently. The first 3 players get a gold rewards at the end of the two weeks & Everyone now gets a gold participation award.

So it is important that everyone that wants free gold battle at least every week (leagues run for 2 weeks but to be safe, battle at least every week to get free gold)

Alliance leagues are pretty much the same,the only difference is that everyone that is in the Alliance before the league starts -- crowns are not greyed out - goes toward the alliance total crown count -- if your alliance places in the top 3 EVERYONE in alliance gets the gold prize !!

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16 hours ago, Empress_Phasma said:

Share your tips and tricks in this thread to help others get to Age 10!

- Reject Real Life (RL) and play for 12h per day (a full 8h bucket in the morning, half a PT off, then another 4h before bed) every day for a full year

- Only use gold for fast troop training and do as many battles as you can per day to gain resources and never have a free build slot

- Join a good alliance to chat whilst you wait endlessly for things to upgrade and troops to train

- Join an alliance with Expansion boost unlocked - this makes a HUGE difference to how quickly you can get to Age 10

- Only battle players for high resources and not crowns, but if you do come across someone offering a tonne of crowns then go for it!

- If you have maxed green archers then sniping and archergeddons are great for resource gathering (especially when your main heroes are recovering)

- Sniping tip: enable reserve forces, train 4 archers, just before going to battle start training 2 mamluks, find a high resource opponent QUICKY in match making before a mamluk is trained, battle and receive 6 archers free! Then when you go back home, wait for the mamluks to finish and start training 4 archers again - go to battle, REPEAT!  No waiting for armies to train, and 6 free troop slots per battle!

- Create extra accounts for something to do during all the WAITING


PS: why are people just giving random game tips that really don't help players get to Age 10? Including @Empress_Phasma LOL!!!

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On ‎9‎/‎29‎/‎2016 at 6:06 AM, Dave the terrible said:

Do bowmen also count as infantry.  Who are included??

Anything on foot count as infantry..........and can be powered by Richard......

But....would you rather take 5 LBM in or 10 archers? lol.....IMO archers do better and you get a lot more

In a typical Rush............take in blues, greens, reds, yellows, purples, grens, tk's............the number of each......is up to you.......There are several in here that do this type of battle very well.

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I have seen some players using too many rams with Conrad only to destroy the keep, this is wasting only 4-5 rams are enough with level 4 Conrad & atleast level 6 ram, use other rams to destroy the towers and go for flam, crossbow and bellista towers first.

don't put watch signal out side ur keep as I have seen some players putting at the outer most corner to hide that but it is wasting because WS will not be active until any troops go near there spawn area.

keep ur guard house on attacking mode and petrol point on defensive mode, as GH will create another troops after few min.

use atleast 1 TK(Tuetonic  knights in petrol point inside the keep area, this will strengthen ur base.

Put ROM in GH and atleast on 1 of the petrol point, as ROM will directly attack to siege weapons and without them it is difficult to destroy the keep.





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Visit this page:


There you can find a lot of hints, many of them posted here in this forum.

There you could too find detailed information about the units and constructions of the game.


Uma dica útil que eu posso dar aos jogadores iniciantes é: não mudem sua civilização inicial, até chegar ao nível mais alto (5) da sua unidade cultural. Isto, porque o caminho mais rápido para ganhar bandeirolas necessárias para atualizar estas unidades, é produzi-los.

Eng: A useful tip I can give to beginners is: do not change your original civilization, to reach the highest level (5) of its cultural unity. This is because the fastest way to win pennants necessary to upgrade these units, is producing them.

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