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1 hour ago, BicyclicOdin33 said:


You can convert more walls into gates so that your troops find it easier to reach the enemy.
Just place two roads around the wall in the opposite directions.

Tip -- you can do it with one road also if you use the keep on the other side lol.......its great for having a gate but no road on the inside to leave room for buildings and stuff.......but be aware that rams have a bonus against gates......so in theory the more gates you have the easier it is for rams to break down walls....but again in the opposite way.........confusing gates and roads can lead rams away from keep if the attacker is not paying attention.

Those with great wall layouts......making a box in a few corners can lead trebs astray if the attacker is not watching them......they will constantly try to go to that box......and you have to retarget them often....great for defense.

I have come across players that had boxes on 4 corners around their keep and if not watched rams went AROUND the keep and to the boxes lol......had to redirect them.

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Adding this cool video from @lilanthe -- will grab part 2 also and add to this......now it is EVERWHERE


Conrad use from @lilanthe


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On ‎11‎/‎25‎/‎2016 at 11:05 PM, happyfico said:

and the first thing to do when get to a new age is to build the new fortifications, then upgrade the all production

Its about 50/50 -- some swear by building economy up first to pay for later upgrades........some build military and troops first so they can loot resources............Just depends on how you want to play the game.  It is important to upgrade your storage at times in order to build certain buildings and defense.......nothing like having maxed resources and go to build a musket tower and realize your storage will not hold enough......then you have to wait several days more for the upgrade just to use what resources you have saved up.........it is all part of the strategy of the game.

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New players, using a Belisarius, always keep in mind that he would never make digging under beneath the wall through which try to climb your siege soldiers. Therefore it is better to search for another way to distract the "defenses" out of this wistful person. Not worth much to trust this "mole". If your aim is a castle, surrounded by a walls, try to have a backup plan to overcome them. New players, Belisarius weak, unpredictable and full of youthful courage. Take care of him. 

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A hint for Revenge attacks:

Don't just blindly hit revenge. 

Click on the attackers gamertag and visit his keep.  Scout it out for the best possible advantage, looking at your best way to get at least a two star win.  Check out the defense log.  If you see successful attacks on the player, watch them and learn from those who have already beaten the player.

Finally, build your army with those things in mind, but remember:  If the player is unavailable for revenge (online or in peace treaty), you may have to use that army to attack a different keep.  So don't load up on troops that won't help you if you have to pass revenge by for awhile.

Remember:  Revenge doesn't have to be take right away.  You have five attacks that haven't been revenged that will remain available.  If the keep looks too strong, or doesn't have enough resources/crowns to make it worthwhile, wait until you're ready to make a successful attack pay.

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On ‎28‎-‎09‎-‎2016 at 11:53 PM, Chuggles22 said:

Ack!!!Heavy infantry on walls.... Complete no-no

(everything else is good though)

One case does exist for using heavy infantry on walls... They're the best troops on walls for neutralising ladder-men, best used if there's no other wall piece except those 1-2 walls to reach the emplacement beside it(or them)... Since, Archers and Grens are way more helpful as they shoot down on troops within range, but they are easily dislodged by ladder-men when they run over the walls...

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  1. One interesting strategy for attacking uses the Tower of London Boost at level 1 called "Raise the Colors". This boost lasts one whole day from the moment it is activated and adds another troop-like thing to the army that can be deployed like troops or heroes are. This unique item in the army helps with distracting the active defense to target it. So, it's useful to kite the defense troops towards that and use 1-2 cheirosiphon/longbow-men/grenadier units to burn/shred/blast them down before they get to it... this way one can dissolve hordes of defenses without being scratched even... many castles have such points where these can be placed such that attackers' trebs within its range are protected from being attacked by active defenses and those attacking trebs can clear off walls while the defense troops are being decimated...
  2. Also, the School Building (the one that produces the pennants of one's civilisation and that's not the Temple type) when upgraded to level 4 enables one to research second Hero slot for taking to the battles... among the upgrade worthy buildings, this one makes the cut mainly for this reason during the lower ages, later on they come in handy for upgrading the Heroes and cultural troops...
  3. Walls and Towers are better kept lower in their upgrade level during the shift to newer ages, (say level 5 walls for Age 7 castle) to keep a decent margin for the Battle Search to show up more opponents that are easier to raid with the levels of troops in the army (say at Age 7 level). Similar pattern works for lower and higher ages as well... In the game parlance, the concepts involved are MM = Match Making, PL = Power Level that could be read about in detail from the guides.
  4. Learning what troops have what kinds of unique qualities is very important in building a balanced army and using them effectively. Read the notes on the info pages associated with each troop for knowing what they're good at and what they're weak against. Also, the statistics mentioned there for each unit is for one unit of that type but when one trains one troop of a kind it's always a bunch of those units. For example, Archers unit at level 5 has Damage per second of 31 and Health of 575. These values are for one Archer in the troop that has six of them. So, one troop of trained Archers has a combined score that adds up the individual values six times...

Will post more such points as I recall some of my personal observations that others have not mentioned yet... =)

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8 minutes ago, Empress NellD said:

how can you unlock the use of 2 heroes in 1 battle?

When you upgrade your University to Level 4, it is one of the things you can research.

Welcome to the forum, @Empress NellD... there's lots of good info and help here. make sure to read the FAQ thread as well :D 

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1 hour ago, xantasia said:

Recruiting and Upgrading Heros.

If you have enough pennants you can unlock new Heros whilst upgrading an existing Hero.

Guess most will know this already but new players may not, i only just figured it out myself



Yep......pretty cool eh? Unlock being the main word.......if you have the pennants for a never before unlocked hero......you can do one after another with no time waiting........while one that is already unlocked can be upgrading.......[thumbup]

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Some Great advice from @TiziHeCried to another player........I added it here.........because all new players can use it.

5 hours ago, TiziHeCried said:

Welcome to the forums from me too and apologies if I repeat what Wulf and the others have said.

So far as attacking both the first and second layout is concerned it depends greatly on what heroes you have and it's impossible to maximise defence against all of them so lean toward the most commonly used ones.

Lets start with one of my favourites, Winrich. He is, as I recently heard him discribed, a walking nuke. Not to far wrong, he can't use his ability over walls or tower rubble but obliterates 2 tiles out from the target tile and that can be an empty tile., 

Because your defences are clumped you are vulnerable in the extreme and I would come at you from top left just by the quarry tanking with blues followed by trebs breaking the outer wall and sending Winrich to target the archer tower directly behind the treb closest to the watch signal. 

With 1 hit you loose 1 cat, treb, 2 archers, extensive damage to the watch signal and half the keep. Commonly referred to as OUCH! ;) 

Break the wall by the GH sending troops to destroy it and making sure you have blues to tank for your trebs take down the watch signal. Bottom side drop Laddermen to take remaining cat and a couple of archers to destroy the remaining GH. From there it's just mopping up.

Personally I think you made the right choice building the flame tower and I like to use them to protect the watch tower and treb with the crossbows protecting cats and guard houses. But as Wulf said there is no perfect defence and the fact that you have green defences at all is a good sign.

Best tips for defence I can give you are only mine and many are gleaned from other players, others via trial and error and there are no hard and fast rules but here you go.

Your empire has what they call a power rating based on your upgrades and defence capabilities, this affects the power of players you are matched against. In my experience attack and defence matchmaking are not related and depend on what you upgrade first so I prefer attack upgrades first and my defence is aimed at minimising potential capability as compared to real world.

Upgrade high power short range defences first (flame towers, crossbows, cats) then ballistas with archer towers last. The reasoning behind this is twofold. Firstly at your age foot soldiers are commonly used and short range along with cats are devistating to them. Secondly there are less of them so your empires power rating stays lower, longer.

Protect long range defences, guard houses & watch signal with short range high power ones.

Never make towers part of an outer wall but inner walls ar OK and can provide the extra walls for:

Compartmentalising your empire to make it more difficult for your opponanants to trample you and to use in conjunction with caltrops to create bottlenecks, preferably passing short range towers and in range of cats.

upgrade your guard houses and watch signal to level four ASAP. This is the first optimum level and allows tier 2 (2 slot) units like cavalry to be trained and deployed while it allows your watch signal 2 consecutive deployments. From here the guard houses deploy faster and the watch signal does the same but capacity increases as does the number of troops deployed.

Always set guard houses to attack immediately as they wont retrain untill prior units are deployed.

Patrol points should be upgraded to lev 2 also providing tier 2 units to be chosen. You can set these to attack immediately or when in range at your own discretion.

Dont use archers as defenders except as wall troops as the last about 2 seconds.

Dont put wall troops on gates, remember that Rams have a massive damage bonus against them leading me to the next.

Know your units. Preferances, capabilities, weaknesses and bonuses. This will help you not only when attacking but when laying out your empire. The i button to the right of your units will give you a lot of information and for more try here: age-of-empires-castle-siege.wikia.com

Dont put all your eggs in one basket. That's to say never put one type of resourses in the same place or all resourses in one area. This makes you a tempting target for snipers resourses hunting.

Buildings. Protect your storage buildings first but you will never effectively be able to keep them all safe so some will have to go outside, where outside? Couple of trains of thought on this to and is varies through the ages.

Personal preferance is to butt them against the walls in weaker areas but in range of defence emplacements to inflict maximum damage before the walls are breached and they make effective buffers to your walls. One or two in the corners to make 100%ing more difficult but remember if they start here your defence will be drawn out so I like my patrol points set to area of attack.

Another is to place them out from the walls to increase the footprint as much as possible.

Camps, Fair, traps & decorations. Camps and likewise fairs don't participate in battle but they do leave a footprint and being that you cannot place traps in them it shows a safe drop zone. Not a good thing to place them by your walls but nice to know when attacking ;) 

Unlike camps & fairs decorations can be placed over traps so beware and use it.

Im sure there are hundreds of things I've skipped or missed but there's a few basics for you.

Hope it helps

Tiz :) 



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