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Music.........New & Old.......Part 2 :-)

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Yeah... this country ..... and pretty much devoid of any musical substance.... but it's also funny as sh*t  :D[lol] 



@AnotherRiddle  CCR is awesome!   I'm told it was the easiest way to calm me down so my folks could get me to go to bed when i was a kid... Of all the bands my dad used to listen to... CCR and Fleetwood Mac are probably my favourites :);) It's just awesome music! He still has it on vinyl... My sister and I are going to kill each other over it one day [lol]

Anybody dares call it country... i swear i'll kick their a.ss  :P

It's bands like CCR that gave us Nirvana :D 




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@Septerror43... though I LOVE heavy fast adrenaline inducing music... CCR is most definitely one of my absolute favorite bands as well. 

This song strikes a chord deep in me every time I hear it... (and sometimes makes me want to start drinking lol) because do any of us truly ever understand the causes and effects of the events that shape and mold us over the course of our lives?


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8 hours ago, Ragnar Sigurdson said:

Dolores O'Riordan died at the age of 46.


First place i saw the news...  :( Beautiful girl... voice of an angel

Completely inimitable and one of a kind vocals....  She was pretty much a goosebump factory!  :D 


I've posted this before... but it cant hurt to do it again ...   

those lalala's ... it's just not possible for a human to make that sound!!!  [scared][scared]



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Irish pop group The Cranberries (L-R) Noel Hogan, Mike Hogan, Dolores O'Riordan and Fergal Lawler pose for photographs after performing at the 2002 Meteor Ireland Music Awards at the Point Theatre in Dublin. [The awards are the Irish music industry's biggest event of the year.] - PBEAHUKTRFU 

I know she had had problems in the past......but 46 is pretty young. News said she just talked to someone that Monday morning and was in high spirits and full of life......waiting to help record a cover of zombie with another band.....no one knows what happened or it has not been released yet.

RIP Girl....

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