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Mysterious glowing squares

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For some reason my map is covered in these unsightly glowing squares, I have no idea why.
They exist with mods enabled:

When I unsubscribe to all mods (other than Host Settings):

Has anybody else ever gotten this bug? I tried to research this, but there isn't even one result on any search engine for anything like this.

They won't go away no matter what I do. I have reinstalled the game at least 3 times now. Nothing is wrong with the game, it plays perfectly. There are just these glowing squares that have no purpose and look really ugly. I have tweaked just about every setting, trying basically all permutations, with zero results. Most of the time they will appear around my town center, but sometimes they don't, and appear all over the map instead. Let me know if anyone needs me to supply additional information.

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Hmm..... These are supposed to only exist in Treaty games where the boxes surround our town, and it means that we cannot build buildings outside the boxes (correct me if I am wrong). But they are not supposed to appear at random places. Have you tried asking this at the Steam Community Support page? They might answer you there...

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