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Hello, I'm new here, sorry if I posted in the wrong section.

So today I played AoE 2 for the first time on a standard game, as time passed the enemy began to attack me so I decided to kill it, but I couldn't find the general. So I continued to grow without having anymore troubles with my enemies until all of a sudden the game ended. After seeing this now I must ask, is it possible to grow until the maximum letting alive only the enemies' boss? (sorry if I mistook some game terms, I'm using an italian version and I don't know the proper translation)

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This reminds me of when I was young, playing Command and Conquer. I'd often keep one building alive, and just sort of sim-city it up with the rest of the map. (Create big bases, with tanks parked in parking bays, and stuff like that.)

I can see why one would want to do that with AOE. Unfortunately, as others have pointed out, the AI surrenders eventually.

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