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Ahmad Ali Karim

How to Change Other Players' Names in a Standard Game

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-adopted from a video by BRoman Studios (video embedded below)-

We might be familiar with playing scenarios with those custom names we want, instead of the historical leaders' name. Instead of having Sang Nila Utama as our enemy, we have an Emp. Ahmad to defeat. But how do we take this all the way to the Standard game?


Aside from changing the names that are in the string text file, you can do this easily, especially if you're afraid you might do something wrong that will break the game.

1. All you need to do is simply create a scenario with the customised names, and then save it.

2. Play and win the scenario in a standard game.

3. You're done, your enemies or allies now have your custom names.

This is very easy compared to changing the string file, except if you want the names to change. And this way, the names will remain there even if you change the civilisations, except if you want a bit of variety.


- "I have changed the names and now I want to revert them back to the original historical figures names. How do I do that?"


Well, it is simple. It's practically what you did when changing the names. Simply create, play, and win a scenario that has no customised names. That's all :)


(This trick has been tested on four different computers, it works!)


(Thanks to Brendan from BRoman Studios for sharing this trick)

Original Video:

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