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Question on either game mechanic or hacking

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My brother and I were playing our first online match and it was a crazy game. There was one other guy who went by the name lozkorta. He was giving us a run for our money and eventually took me out and most of my brothers army, which led to him having an irreversible and large advantage. He used great counter strategies and great micromanagement. We decided the only way to win was to build a wonder far back in the corner and set up loads of defenses to protect it. It had 200 years left and he barely even made it past our first line of defenses. We completely thought we could actually win. It was at the point, bombard cannons appeared in the middle of the forest behind the wonder and took it out. At first, I assumed that bombard cannons could blow up trees as I saw portions of trees disappear as he moved forward to take out the tower we had stationed in front of it. It still didn't explain the fact that we had the whole map scouted and there was not a single path that those units could have used to get there. It's like they teleported there. We asked the guy how he did it but he said that since we wanted to use a trick (the wonder strategy), he would use a trick. He also said he knew more about the game than we did. He was either very young or foreign as his English was very poor. I played age of empires intermittently ever since the original came out, but only leisurely, so if there was a way to do something like that, I would most likely know how he did that or at least see it in competitive matches on youtube. It could also be possible that I don't know how he did it and its perfectly possible. Is there a huge game mechanic we're missing out on or is he likely hacking?


Enemies Bombard Cannons appeared in the middle of the forest behind our wonder with no path to get there. I'm talking layers of trees and the corner of the map blocking it. I also saw portions of trees disappear

Is that strategically possible with the in-game mechanics?

If it's possible, then rip gg at least I know another OP strategy to use on my *** AI enemies

If it's not possible, then everybody watch out for lozkorta, because he will likely vs you legitimately, but once a lost is in sight, it's hacking time.

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