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Age of Empires II HD Multiplayer

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Hello there! I played this game more than 12 years ago. I want to start playing this game again and really want to play it for the multiplayer experience. I mostly play Starcraft II now. So: does AoE II HD have a matchmaking system? Do you have any trouble finding games or lag? Do you recommend getting all expansions to play multiplayer? Thanks in advance!

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Well I'll start by answering the last question. No you don't need to. Even if you just have the base game and no DLCs, when playing Multiplayer you can play all the civs from the three expansions. But, you are limited to a certain civilisation. You can only play on civilisation of each expansion, depending on the host of the game. For example, the civilisations allowed for Rise of the Rajas if I host a game will be Khmer (sadly, I wanted the Malays at the time I don't have the expansion yet. Now I do ^^). But maybe if you host it, it will be the Malays. I have always met people with Burmese allowed, I met some with Malays allowed, but I have never met anyone with Vietnamese, so when I didn't have the expansion yet, I never played as the Vietnamese. Anyway, that's the answer to that question.

About matchmaking system, not really. You can choose to play in which game room you want to. For example, if I host a game room, you can enter my game room, even if you are stronger or weaker than I am. And same goes to when you host a game. People who are weaker or stronger than you are can always join your game.

Answering the trouble in finding games, well no. Maybe it's hard if you look in some perspective. For example, someone hosts a game for the continent Asia, and I want to join since I am a Malaysian. But because of my name Ahmad, they think that I am somewhere from the middle east and I got kicked out. It happened. Twice. Other than that, there is should be no problem.

And about lag, well......... yes. Lagging happens quite frequently unfortunately. But sometimes it doesn't, so depends on your luck. Only around 38% (probably not, very rough estimation) of the games I played didn't face any lagging. It's not that bad. But once it lags, it lags badly.

Hope I answered your question, feel free to ask some more if you need to know about whatever problem you are facing...

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