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Tempest Rose

Sarting Tips and whats voobly?

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Hi so i finally brought AOE2 on steam after having mad nostalgia from watching T90 offical cast games and i just wanted to ask if there is anything i should know about how the multiplayer works as last time i played AOE 2 i diffident even realize multiplayer was a thing. i tried getting into some lobbys on the games built in MP but either noone joined or the game was canceled.

I also have a question as to what voobly is as i heard T90 mention it a lot.  if you could help me out it would be much appreciated.

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Before you're playing with randoms in Multiplayer, I'd recommend that you should be able to beat the Hard AI in singleplayer. If you want a good idea on how to build up, I recommend the "Fast Castle Tutorial" by ZeroEmpires in the Steam Workshop, that's a great training scenario to start out with.

Voobly is an online client (seperate from steam) for Age of Empires 2. It was built for the CD version and most players there use that. However, there's a compatibility patch that allows you to use the steam version for it as well. Voobly is more stable and usually has less lag than HD, however it's a bit more work to set up and the expansions aren't played there (only Age of Conquerors). Here's a guide if you're interested:


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