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Hercule Holmes

Propaganda in AOE2!

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This is liable to cause trouble even on a quiet forum like this, but has anyone noticed that AOE2 paints a false history of Christendom versus Islam? I haven't gotten far into the other AOE2 series of campaigns but I certainly noticed this much about the Saladin and Barbarossa campaigns. I'm playing the Barbarossa campaign right now and it irked me to hear the story tell of The Europeans being "evicted" from the Holy Lands; if you know a bit of the real history, "The Holy Lands" had been part of Christendom long before the advent of Islam; the concept of "Europe" didn't exist then as it does now; part of what we now call the Near Middle East was all part of Christendom.

The way the story tells it, white European invaders marched into Jerusalem and killed lots of Arabs. Which is not what happened. At all. In fact almost the reverse is true; most natives of the Near Middle East were Jewish or Christian or one of the minor religions until the coming of the Empire of Islam, which ruthlessly destroyed the Classical World and almost destroyed Christianity.


Also, the story of Saladin told in the game is based on a very fanciful fiction and is not at all a true account in the slightest; the real Saladin unfortunately was savage and treacherous.

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