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Baroness Von Panda

Crash Issues with 1.25 - Peace Treaties Available

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4 hours ago, Baroness Von Panda said:


If you're currently experiencing crashing during Battles after Patch 1.25 and would like to have a Peace Treaty added to your account, please add your Gamertag to this thread. I am manually granting these, so it will likely take a little while for me to add it, but it should save some Crown loss. Right now I'm adding 7 days, but as we have a better idea of when the fix will be out, this will change. 

As I've mentioned in the other threads: We are unable to restore any Crowns lost. This is a technical restriction, if we could do it, we would, but we literally do not have the system to do it. 

We are also looking at what we can do to make this up to players, however we won't be discussing that until the issue is fixed. That is our priority, and when we have a fix out and the dust has settled, we'll start to look at ways to make it up to you. 

Please remember that hitting the battle button and entering matchmaking will remove your Peace Treaty! 

I won't be able to update each of you individually if yours has been added, but I will like your comment if it has been so please check in on that. 


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Game has bombed on me in the middle of three battles leading to me losing 77, 76 and 79 crowns.  Is anything being dome to correct this.  I do not feel confident in taking on any more battles until I am assured the game will not drop me.  FIX THIS NOW!!  Can I go on a hiatus until this is fixed?

Please add me to the list of gamers who needs the extended peace treaty until the bug is fixed.  

Let me know when I have the extended peace treaty and when the game has been fixed.

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