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Baroness Von Panda

Crash Fix Coming TODAY - Android & Windows - 11/16

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Okay everyone, we're rolling out fixes for Android and Windows in the next hourYou will need to close the game and patch for the fix to take effect.


iOS will be coming early next week hopefully. We're still waiting on Apple to do their pass. 

Because we now have fixes I will not be automatically re-applying existing peace treaties to players. I will continue to add PTs for any iOS users that are experiencing this issue, but you'll need to request it. For anyone considering maybe trying their luck, you should know that iOS accounts flag differently on our back end system to I will be able to know immediately if you aren't an iOS user.


If you wish to request, please use the original thread. 

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1 hour ago, kraken rhum said:

Hi Barones, How do you plan to compensate for crown losses?

We can't replace Crowns unfortunately, we literally don't have a way to do it. However, I have got a plan approved for how we can make this up to players.

I want to get iOS fixed before we do anything, and we also have a Black Friday thing planned, so after that I'll talk more about it. 

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