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Shout Out - To Players & Forum Members We Miss...

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Tag some of your favorite players and forum members

Who knows they might stop in to say hello...

@Midwest        @[ModEdit]             @Andy P          @TiziHeCried         @Subhajit Sarkar         @ArmyAnt DC        @W1tchypoo   @skh812       @Dudeist Priest

@mmali386      @ghettoplaya      @joyson joy       @MasterPep      @RecklessViking       @Artslinger1957     @Jasonx      @KBL     @Shacronire    @Dannysbkn

@thedubba44     @Lord Jaswal     @Mister White      @Doc       @Spadens       @Striax    

 lol I know more I wanted to list but my @ tag stopped working so I need to post and refresh....Please list all you know.


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1 hour ago, east puppet said:

lets talk about @A Hovanes  lol I kinda miss this guy  he was so great to make fun of [laugh]

OMG please NO!!!!!!!!!!.........chugs knows how much time I tried to spend calming him down and reasoning with him.......it never worked.........he was never wrong and so very bad.

I know exactly who you REALLY miss tho lmao

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