Wicked Wulf

Objective & Rules Of New Forum Mini Game (so far lol)

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@POORFELLER advised me to post what we have decided on so far.......so it is easier to find.

Everyone is WELCOME to play and no experience is needed, click yes on the poll or contact me.

You need to create a TAG that has YOUR forum name in it or similar so we know who you are.

(we can help you set up a new alt account if you want to play....it is not hard and it is free)




The first to finish and max out age 5 and arrive at age 6 (need screenshot)

Build all defense, walls, troops, cultural troops, research, unlock all heroes and build all economy -- Max everything but heroes - That is your choice.

Can only buy the first introductory gold package if you want- one time deal for 500 gold $.99 (or your currency).

All gameplay allowed, bumble bee rush, sniping, baby ram rush, raider rush and more.....

We will be picking Most Crowns in a time limit, Most Won Defenses, Funniest Defense, Most percentage?, Most Battles.......all of this will be decided later.

Don't build Embassy, also Historical Challenges are your choice

We are keeping it simple and easy to understand with few requirements or rules to start.......

Hope you all join up 

MOTLEY CREW we will all start playing at 12:00 PM - Eastern Standard Time on Sunday 1/7/32018 - 5:00 PM UTC Time......

DO NO START PLAYING before then = you are allowed to do tutorial & training only then stop.

Send your gamer tag or request to join........we need to know who you are to let in




This is NOT an official SGI/Microsoft event...it is not sponsored or promoted by SGI/MS or advertised. It is just a fun game among some CS & forum friends. If it all blows up......blame ME lol


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@Wicken Wonder had a smart suggestion -- so we are going to add our TAGS here. Of course, that lets everyone know your username...that's ok right?

I actually had the name Little Wicked and something went nuts with the email......so now I am WIcked Wulfy lol

I am going to hold on to the alliance name for a bit....I KNOW others will show up to join either having no idea of the game or as an afterthought......or just want to get in on the chit-chat.

Doors will be locked 12 or 24 hours after we get inside....not sure yet.

Please post your new tag below as you get it so we know who you are......we don't need imposters.

Create your new account...just don't start your castle or the tutorial please.


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I really wanted 'Achmedthedeadterrorist' but i was afraid somebody might mistake me for a puppet [scared]


Where is @Baroness Von Panda ... we cant have our community manager not engaging with the community!! 

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