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Unemployed resources

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Good Morning.
This is my first post in the Forum, however I am already an AoE: CS player over 4 years old.
In our Alliance we were talking about the unused resources that are standing still.
I would like to make a few things:

1) Why not create units that depend on wood and stone as well.
2) Enable the transfer of food, wood and stones to the Alliance
3) Use the sale of one material in exchange for another
4) Create a trading system for purchase / sale, including units
5) Implement a subsystem of war between alliances, selecting by the same size, by online average of members, average of members, etc. which lasted from 1 to 2 days, with regular intervals for the strategic recomposition of the group.


Who has more ideas, publish!

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Welcome to the forum @Barao [smile]

You have some nice suggestions there. Several have been put forth on different occasions. We have a thread that we have suggested a lot of improvements in the game. A few have been taken seriously by the developers. If you have more ideas, you may want to put them on the thread below. The Baroness looks at these often and takes ideas to the team that she feels is noteworthy.

Thanks for joining us. Check out anything here, ask anything. We are always here to help and support.[smile]


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