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Once you max out your warriors and you don't need certain flags, be able to donate flags to other players in your alliance


The ability to attach certain warriors to a siege weapon to protect it 

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(Castle Siege only)

Hello Baroness von Panda and forum responsible persons,

l gone throw a lot of forum material and many things are to old, more then a year, which have no intresst to anyone than the person who wrote it as a reminder of what was happening at that time, history, and ” look this l wrote is still here”.

For new members this is frustrating. We don`t want to go throw all old, not working anymore material.

Thats one of the reason why that are very hard to understand this forum, to complicated to go throw when 90% is oldstuff.

It just delete button you need to make right.

-: is this forum closing down?


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Something I have noticed, sadly most users refuse, in all reality, nobody so far that I contacted will call and offer advice. Funny how the times have changed and people are actually afraid to speak on the phone with a live person these days, its sad, that being said, even in my own alliance, I see people use no thought when building their fortresses.  It is not about PRETTY, or Asymetrical looks.  It is about defending your resources and defending what you got, as well as fighting skills. Sadly, I am terrible at fighting but I am improving somewhat, if a little slow, but I can see defenses in my sleep. You will not win defending every time, someone can always break through and win if they are really good, but don't give your stuff away for Gods sake. People are placing resources out in the far field unprotected,, or against the wall with no real security around them. I know if I was to attack most of them, I could win by just going for buildings and resources and never break a wall section down.  They are also placing trees etc all over so anyone attacking who knows anything knows there cannot be a trap there, so they can see its a good attack point. Same thing with your army camps, they place them inside, dumb idea, or place them right outside the walls, also dumb as people can see the outlines of them and again know it is a good attack point. Keep army camps far away from fortress, don't put "pretty" in a place that sends a signal to an observant attacker as a place to attack from. Use as much space inside fortress as necessary but don't over expand as you only have so much reach with. People are also placing those weapons too close together so they aren't used efficiently at all, allowing other areas to be attacked.  Lastly, this is just me, maybe because I suck at offense and good at defense, but crowns mean nothing to me, However, that being said, I win more crowns from people attacking me then I do being the attacker. You can win a round without going for the main castle, just get 50%, so attacking resources and buildings and a few catipults etc will win the round for you, especially if you train troops for that in mind. Wish people in my alliance would open up a little bit, I got a lot of good strategy to pass on, but they are so afraid to speak in real life, they end up losing and all I can do is watch it happen. 


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