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My gamertag is AlmondCrowd9019 & I lead Alliance 9. We are looking for Age 9-10 players who can contribute through Troop/Resource donations. 

We are an active alliance but lack more senior players to sustain our crown count (21k currently). All level 1 wonders are complete & we're now working on Reserve force (37%).

50th slot is kept open should u decide to join. For Age 10 players; Level 5 Knight Templar is available to donate (Lvl 5 mamluk is 16 hrs away).

Have a look at our alliance & join us if you like what you see. Help Alliance 9 catapult into an amazing alliance from a wonderful one which we are currently :)

Edited by AlmondCrowd9019 (Mikey Dias)

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Update: Alliance 9 has completed Basilica Lvl 2 upgrade & has begun to work on 'Expansion' for which a lot of apples are required. If you have any & would like to off load them; kindly do stop by & off load them :)

Also, with Poison the Well & Reserve Force completed; you are more than welcome to stay back & help out our newbies by discussing attack/defense options & by also sharing attack retry battles..

Look forward to see you there.

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