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Happy Mother's Day

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Happy mother’s day :)God has given the most precious gift to us all from our birth, a mother, who is responsible for making a man, a man and a woman, a woman. Only she can fulfil this role. Happy women’s day :)

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I had a great Mothers Day........my son picked me some wildflowers.....because when he was little his dad use to take him out to do that and he remembered how much I loved it..........(when he was little some of them were pretty weeds and had tiny bugs on them lmao, I didn't care)

I was treated to TWO nice dinners...........Went on a nice walk through the mountains and a park.....AND had breakfast delivered to me Monday morning

Got a nice bag of makeup and samples from a friend (I am a sample addict lol), A nice candle and some free chore coupons from Son.......I love gifts that are given with thought and not what they cost.

AND I got to have a 2-day painting session with a friend of mine.......I finished a pretty decent flower canvas and an abstract one......and we binged watched Handmaids tale all night........so was a GREAT weekend.

I hope everyone else.....MOM or NOT had a great weekend......



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