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Alliance of the Week - European Empire

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Time for a new Alliance of the Week! This time we have European Empire and their leader @EchoFoxAlpha

As always, if you want to submit your Alliance, check this post here


What is the Name of your Alliance? What is the Emperors name?
Our Alliance Name is "European Empire" Please join the european empire with the red cross on a white shield (currently 2 further European Empire alliances existing. - Our is the original one:-))

My Player Name is EchoFoxAlpha and I am the emperor of our Alliance.

What does your Alliance shield look like? (To help identify when players search)
Red cross on white shield

What are the requirements to join (crown count, location, age)?
We have no special requirements to get a member of our alliance. You only should be an active player and have fun on playing this game together in a team. 

What is the goal of your alliance (ex. Top 20, skill building, just for fun)?
We try to protect us as good as possible with relief Forces, hints for improving defense or sharing attack improvements. We activly using the chat to interact and improve our tactics... We Try to work together as good as possible and work on getting all wonders. Currently we have kishi pogost level 1 and london tower level 2 with poison and currently active Research on reserve troops (93%). So still a few wonder to research and having fun to fullfill the jobs together...

What Kind of commitment do you expect from alliance members (ex. log on every day, once a week)?
We search for active players who want to chat (Primary english, but my personal first language is german, but we also have Danish, France and People using further languages), sharing hints to improve tactics and good defense structures with sharing attack or defense replays. And you should activly donating troops to other members your age, one up or all ages lower than you...

What makes your alliance different from other alliances?
We are quite an active troop of players all over the world, our watch towers mostly always filled up with relief force troops (because of having People over much time zones playing every day and in higher ages). And we like to Play together as good as the game allows  But even if we try to encourage others to get more crowns, that will not be a must have to be a good member! Primary you should have fun on the game!

So if you want a part of a great alliance, join us! 

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On behalf of the inactive former Alliance of the Week and award winning The Awesomes alliance, as well as the Malaysian Age of Empires community, I am here to say Congratulations to the European Empire for being chosen as the Alliance of the Week for this week! I wish you the best of luck in the future of your alliance and hope that you all shall succeed successfully! 👏👏👏

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