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Baroness Von Panda

Alliance of the Week - CQN Brasil

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Okay, let's go weekend. Our new Alliance of the Week is CQN Brasil as submitted by @Reypenetron

As always, if you want to submit your Alliance, check this post here


What is the Name of your Alliance? What is the Emperors name? 
Alliance: CQN Brasil
Emperor:  paminondas rdg

What does your Alliance shield look like? (To help identify when players search)  
yellow and green.

What are the requirements to join (crown count, location, age)? 

What is the goal of your alliance (ex. Top 20, skill building, just for fun)?
break the borders and create a brotherhood

What kind of commitment do you expect from alliance members (ex. log on every day, once a week)
be active, donating troops and having fun

What makes your alliance different from other alliances?

we all work together.

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Our alliance is that of green and yellow shield. 
It's a bit annoying that other players do not run for the week's alliance and steal your name ...



Nossa aliança é a do escudo verde e amarelo.
É um pouco chato que outros jogadores não corram para a aliança da semana e roubem seu nome ...


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